Do ankle braces for volleyball really improve your game?


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Ankle braces offer support to keep you from damaging ligaments and tendons by rolling your ankle. I've sprained each ankle around 8 times playing volleyball and basketball, so I don't play either sport without them. In a sense, they do improve my game by helping prevent injuries and keeping me on my feet. You can't play v-ball worth a crap if you've got a sprained ankle.I've tried.

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no man practice improves your game!! an ankle brace makes your ankle week and pretty soon you always need it or your ankle will hurt with out that extra support

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When you say ankle brace I think of those metal/plastic contraptions that every girl on my high school's basketball and volleyball team wears to stop from from rolling their ankles. If that's what you meant then no. Yeah they certainly prevent you from rolling your ankle either inwards or outwards. If you're looking for something to prevent that then i suggest using tape because it still allows for some movement. If you meant ankle weights then I've been told that weights do help improve your vertical jump but only with extensive practising with the weights on.

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No, You have to play. Now it is a lot easier to focus more, because you are not worried about twisting your ankles. I wear them and I don't have to focus on how I move. But you have to improve you play.

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ankle braces don't but practice does. lots of players wear them as a precaution. that's why you see a lot of them wearing braces

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Well they don't make you a better player... but wear them. They will prevent serious ankle injury and support old ankle injuries. I have never had an ankle injury yet, but wear them. At least ten times in the last year, I would have rolled my ankle, but my braces saved me. And for those who say they make your ankles weaker, would you rather get an injury or have unnoticably weaker ankles?

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Ankle braces make your ankles weaker, but they prevent injuries that could end your season, too. The damage of rolled ankles can be decreased by wearing braces. If you strengthen your ankles and balance without the braces on, and then wear the braces while playing, your game will be better off

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They don;t slow u down at all, but they keep u safe from twisting or breaking ur ankle. I use one on both of my feet and i love them.

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