Anyone have any tips on overcoming the fear of diving during volleyball??

i play li baro for my high school varsity team because i know i can pass really well but i cant seem to learn how to dive? any suggestions or tips on how to slide on yuor hips or any drills you have done?? i have to learn soon for next year! cant wait! thanks!


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hey girl! i also play volleyball. i have to dive a lot.. its something you get used to. what i usually do is a barrel roll. its when you dive then roll so you dont get hurt. and trust me--kneepads work! you wont hurt your knees. hope this helps! =)

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when i play in my gym class (i know it is different) i wouldn't think of the diving, I would just do it. Maybe dive during practice a little more to get over the fear. You can't be afraid, you just have to do what is best for the team if it means diving for the ball.

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Just think there is a cushion underneath you.

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ok...i play on the varsity team at my highschool. and i had like, one of the best vball coaches there wear, she was awesome. i used to get bruises doing this, cause i would do it rong. they say, if u get bruises, thats a sign of beauty in vball, it means u try and do well. first, always stay low to the ground when ur playing, and on ur toes so ur ready to move whenever, plus, the lower u r, the less scary it will b. trust me. once u got the hang of it, u feel free. its kinda like superman or something. second, push off ur toes, with 1 arm straight out in front of u, so the ball will bounce off it. then the other arm by ur side making some sort of a right angle in between ur side and elbow. hope this helps!

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Our drills are like this:

1. take two steps on one side (either left or right)

2. suddenly let yourself fall to the ground on one side

3. get up as quickly as possible

4. do it on the other side

I know it hurts at first but you'll get used to it. That's how our coach introduced us to the hard part.

Wait, you mean libero, right?

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