Need help with volleyball schedule?

there are 16 two man teams for 7 games, two teams pair up to consist of one four man team. Each week should be set up with different teams and against different teams. Any clue on how to make this happen?


What is the best player in volleyball?

Round Robin... Or you could make a triangle pyrimid if you want to end up with a number one team. If you do you will have to have a losers bracket and a winners bracket so that you can still all play each team... HAVE FUN!!

How do you solve a problem with a teammate?

a round robin tounament would probably be best. with a A side and a B side.

Need help with volleyball schedule?

From your description I'm assuming this is for a league and not for a tournament.

You could try to adapt this for your use

Where each letter would be a pair and each number would be a pair.

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