Can you still walk-on to play college volleyball as a sophomore or junior?


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Sure. They will allow you to try out.

I had a friend that did that when she was in college - she ended up starting, and receiving second team honors in the conference. Not too bad. . .

Speak to the coach and find out how they would like to work it, and if they will hold a try out for you, or allow you to work out with the team to see if you can make it or not.

Good luck!!

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No, you can still walk on. The only crappy thing is that your eligability "clock" starts ticking the day you start college. So, being a sophmore you would only have a redshirt year, plus 3 years. Does that make sense? Good luck!

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In theory, yes you could. It's probably happened before - it will probably happen again.

Is it likely? Probably not.

If you're just transfering to a college and want to play volleyball (but didn't at your previous college) - the coaches are going to wonder what you've been doing your last year or two.

If you've been at the college the past year or two, but haven't talked to the coaches or tried out already - the coaches are going to wonder how serious you are about volleyball - and why you didn't talk to them sooner.

Also, you're going to be behind the rest of the team in terms of learning to play their offense, defense, etc. Unless you're like the "Michael Jordan" of volleyball, I would expect that your spot on the roster would come behind other sophmores and juniors - and probably freshman too.

But, like I said, that doesn't mean it can't be done.

Good luck to you!

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yes, and depending on the college and their roster, you might even start

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