Advice on how to backset the vball over.?

i do this weird wavy thing with my arms, what r the real steps and how can i learn them?


Would you...?

backsetting over is a good way to fool the other team. even tho ormaly you would back set to the hitter to confuse there blockers as to what side ti will be spiked from.
*get lower than u normaly would
*set up with your feet planted straight and your body turned
*put you fingers out like u normaly would
*try to "pop" the ball backwarsd bending your back

Im in a volleyball tournament next weekend, what should i do to prepare?

the way i learned to backset was to get a volleyball and back set it into the basketball goal i know it sounds wired but i works really well. itis a drill we do at school
good luck!!

How do you set up beach volley ball posts?

backset without carrying the ball, and also, get it low so it is harder to handle

How many people are in any vollyball game? how long the match for this sport? how do you win in vollyball G?

what i do is i have my back facing dorectly toward the *killer* as we call them and thenslightly lean my back and push backwards! hope this helps

Do you have to serve overhand to be a good volleyball player?

it helps to have your hips help you push the ball through. and legs.use them to help you get the ball up high.

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