Digging & Shanking!!?

So I have this trouble with digging. So yeah I drop to the floor but how do you control it? Whenever I dig mine always go over the net instead of going to the setter. And it makes me so mad! So What could I do to not make that happen?

And shanking,
How can I avoide that?
What are some tips that will help me not to shank.



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For digging.Make sure you are not swinging at the ball. If you have your hands in the right place and the hit is hard enough, the ball will pop right off your platform. (also.have your hands positioned to the setter so your ball won't go right in front of you)

For serve receive.Before a game...try to know what types of serves your opponent has. Float serves will tend to change direction at the last second, so be ready to move your feet. For top spin, getting to the right place is half the battle. Then just stick out your hands and angle to the target. (might require slight movement of the platform) For jump serve, it is likedigging, stick tyour hands out and angle because it is coming hard.

For passing...stay low (Good tip someone told me: if you can touch the ground without having to really extend your arm...you are low enough.) Also, have your feet spread out a little more than shoulder's length so you can move quickly and not easily fall over. IF you are over-passing, take a little off and aim behind to the ten foot line and maybe then the pass will land past what you aimed for and to the correct spot.

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when ur digging, what i do is i bend one leg behind me and put my knee on the floor, leaving the other knee bent and my foot flat on the floor. square up and pass it.

as for shanking and giving a "free ball" up, try not "hitting" the ball when u dig. let the ball hit U. also, make sure the ball hits both arms at the same time. these are tips now its up to u to go and practice!!

Good Luck.

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Do you know how to dive and roll? If you learn how to dive and use your arms as a good flat surface then that might help you move a little better to dig the balls. When you dig, try not to swing your arms. Let the ball hit your arm instead of trying to push it to the setter. The force from the hit should send it up pretty far.


You Always stay down weather you are serving it or not. If you always stay down you will having a better chance of getting it to the setter. Or when you hit the ball turn your fists torward the setter and it should get there.

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ok for digging...what you do is kinda bend low and swoop your arms as u hit the ball out of the net towards the setter.

and to avoid shanking...
u just have to have better ball control..
remember to get under the ball and hit it on your forarms.

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