Ankle Weights?

In volleyball...I heard they are good for warming up while doing your approach and so on. Is that true? What excatly do they do? And exactly where Can I get them and are they exspensive?


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Ankle weights aren't good for joints and ligaments. I have seen an exceptionally good player use a weight vest. It adds weight for resistance but the weight is better distributed on your body.

Not sure where to find it, but sports stores or online would be the best start.

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ankle weights r a great idea for practicing. it will improve ur jumping ability. there arent expensive at all. any wal mart or sporting good stores will sell them

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They are bad for your knees and ankles. The small amount of weight can pull on ligaments and ruin joints over time and just cause you pain in general.

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dont use them
they mess up your joints!

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ankle weights r a great idea for practicing. it will improve ur jumping ability. but i would warn you not to use them before a game. the extra weight could throw off your time when you hit, so you would have to use your first game as a warm up. instead you them during practice. run with them on and the will increase your spead or just over cone to increase your jump. if you have never used weights before don't start in the middle of your season. hope this help. good luck to you

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they're cheap and they help you jump higher.

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During your extra training time (not right before a game) you can use this other alternative to ankle weights.
they came out with these new shoes that are suppose to increase your vertical 5-10 inches. They are called JUMPSOLES VERSION 4.0 and they are weighted but they attach to the bottom of your sneakers. I hear they actually work, but they are pricey. (Usually around $80 for a pair and an instuctional CD)
**I think that if you occasionally use ankle weight they can help you, but if used frequently, they can hurt your legs)

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