Details in short about volleyball game?


Tennis or Volleyball??

A team serves the ball has to pass it inside the boundaries the receiving side needs to bump set and spike the maximum of times a team could touch the ball every time the ball is on their side is 3. If the serve is missed the ball is served by the other team and they get a point for your teams missed serve.If it goes over the net and falls in side the boundaries the other team gets a point.
Games go up to 25 points or more
Team with 2 wins win the whole game.

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HOW TO SCORE; your team shouldn't hit the ball three times, you shouldn't heat the ball 2 times, give the ball to the opponent, the server shouldn't have a short service or make it outsde.

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try to set up 3 person passing. get all your serves over with appropriate serving use. you can only hit the ball 3 times. you yourself cant hit it more then once. games usually go to 25 unless its like 24-25 then you have to win by 2 points. dont touch the net. dont let the ball hit the antenna or go out. if the ball hits the net you can still play it. theres a lot more if you want to know more send me an email

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umm a few are lines are in, 6 players on the court at once, cant step on the line when serving, no part of a player can touch the net, ball has to go over the net between the antenii, and thats pretty much it in short.

I feel like I have lost my touch in volleyball... advice, plz?

1. Get some equipment. The minimum you need is a volleyball, a net. Any sporting goods store should have this stuff. Lots of nets come with lines, or you can use shoes or other objects to indicate the corners of the court.
2. Find a friend or three. You can start learning the basics of volleyball one other person by playing "pepper", that is, just practicing the basic skills by hitting the ball back and forth. If you have a foursome, you can play some games.
3. Warm up. Volleyball can be really hard specifically on the ankles, knees, and shoulders. Make sure you limber up those joints and get the blood flowing a bit before you play.
4. Practice passing. Passing is the basic skill of volleyball. It's also the most important. Make a "platform" by clasping your hands in front of you, with your thumbs together. Don't interlace your fingers. You can either make a fist with one hand and wrap the other around it, or bend one thumb down to its palm, and press the heel of that hand into the palm of the other. Either way, make sure your thumbs are together and your elbows are straight. Keep your knees bent, and let the ball contact your forearms about a third of the way between your wrists and elbows. Try not to move your arms too much- let your legs do the work. Practice accuracy and height control.
5. Practice setting. Look up, and make a diamond with your index fingers and thumbs just above the bridge of your nose. Now move your hands apart slightly. Throw or pass the ball right above your head, and position your body so the ball would hit you right on the nose if your hands weren't there. Now cushion the ball with your thumb, index, and middle fingers in this diamond pattern on the way down. Let your knees bend too as the ball comes down. Don't let the ball contact your palms at all, just the tips of your fingers. You typically want the apex of your set to be 1-2 feet away from the net, and about 4 feet above it. Try to make the ball have little or no spin once it leaves your hands. Have your partner pass you the ball, and you set it back to him/her. If alone, you can pass the ball to yourself, then set it. Try to stay in one place.
6. Practice hitting. First, just face your partner, and have him/her set or pass the ball to you so it's nice and high. When the ball leaves their hands, point to it with your weak hand, and pull your hitting hand back like you're pulling a bow and arrow- the back of your hand to your ear. When you're ready to hit it, extend your hand as far above you as you can, contacting the upper half of the ball with your open hand at the very top of your swing. The contact point is always in front of your head, not above it. Don't hit it hard at first, try to just control it to your partner's waiting platform. Hopefully he/she will just pop the ball back up, then you can set them for a hit. Once the timing is a little more natural, and you can contact the ball regularly the way you want, have your partner set you on the net, and practice hitting the ball over the net. Take one or two steps up to the net each time you hit (this helps you jump higher), and jump. Make sure to jump as high as you can, and contact the ball at the very top of your jump and swing. Snap your wrist so the ball will go down into the opposite court.
7. Practice serving. Stand on the end line, toss the ball, and with an open overhand swing, lob the ball into the opposite court. Try to serve purposefully to all areas of your opponents' court. When you're feeling ambitious, you can take a few steps back, toss the ball higher, and try a jump serve. The swing is almost identical to a spike.
8. Play a game! There are 2 different sets of rules. Traditional rules basicly mean that if you can only get a point if you served the ball, otherwise you just get the serve. These games usually go to 15. Rally scoring, which is used most often, is almost the oppostite. If you win the rally (volley), you get the point, no matter what. Most of the time you play to 25, but some younger teams may only play to 21. If the ball hits the ground in bounds, or one team can't get it to the other side in 3 touches, it's a point for the other team. Here's a link to a lot more rules: :-)

* Serving

* Passing

* Setting

* Hitting

* Blocking

* Individual Defense :-)

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In short? Alrighty then...a team consists of six players on the court at one time. The back right player puts the ball into play from behind the serving line. The other team must return the ball over the net, using a series of bump passing, setting, and spiking (hitting.)

No team may hit the ball more than three times in sucession. The Varsity level games are played to 25. Rotation occurs after the opposing team misses a serve. Blocking a hit at the net does not count as one of the team's three hits.

Hope that helped! <:

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