Is volleyball a sport just for girls or do boys compete in leaugues too??

I'm a boy and I really love the sport volleyball! But, there are no boy leagues for my age group which is in middle school. Do boys play this game in leagues, or is it an all girl game?


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Tons of guys play there are like 50 boys clubs here in Wisconsin every guy I know plays and some guys I know are going to bbe playing in college in the next few years.

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Hi, it's so cool to know you enjoy volleyball. During the summer olympics it's one of the most watched sports on tv. If you go to yahoo search and enter VOLLEYBALL. You will discover a lot of information about it. It's a great beach sport and many players got their start there before turning pro.Oh yes it's played by both sexes.

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boys can play in tournaments, games and all that. my friend andy he plays volleyball. boys are pretty good in volleyball and its kinda fun to watch them. they spike it really hard and it s awsome.

Any open gym volleyball in waikiki area?

Boys can compete in leaugues too and maybe that's because volleyball is a great sport. Nice 2 know that u also play this sport. I also like volleyball cuz it's the first sport I ever played.

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Volleyball is a sport for boys and girls. Boys play in leagues too. Maybe you should try to find a team outside your school or you should try to find boys that like plaing volleyball and create a team for your school

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Awesome! Guys play the sport too. Back in 1989 and '90, I was fortunate enough to have had Karch Kiraly (sp?) as a guest coach. Learned a lot from him!! Check in your area to see if there are any volleyball clubs around you. Good luck!

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There is leages for boys and girls!! There is a hole bunch of leages by where I live!

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Boys play to, although it is so much more exciting to see those atheletic women in action.

Does anyone know of any beach volleyball tournaments in the Metro Detroit area?

ugh i hate how peeps think that volleyball is either a girl sport or a boy sport! volleyball is both!
volleyball is usually in season during winter and early spring, and some schools have camps you can go to during the summer. right now soccer, baseball, softball, and fastpitch are going on, so volleyball is pushed to one side until winter again.
volleyball is both a male and a female sport. join your cities recreation team (or if your competitive, the competitive team) during the fall/winter/spring.
PS- im in elementary. and there are TONS of volleyball leagues around where i live. RIGHT NOW. don't tell me there aren't any. im a girl.

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In a lot of schools there is only a girls league sometimes due to lack of willing guys to play and sometimes because of short budget, but some schools do have guys leagues. You could try to find a school near you that has a guy league, but if there aren't you could always try finding a summer camp thats either for guys only or is co-ed. If you don't find any, then sorry, can't think of any other options and sorry that you don't get to play on a league because you like volleyball and I think its good that you aren't afraid of trying something some guys would consider "girlie", but sometimes it takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you enjoy, rock on!

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That depends in which country you are growing up my friend. In Greece where I grew up volleyball was and still is played by both boys and girls! I was in my school team and in a club from my 12 years! Its never too late to start! Just search for a club near your house which has a boys' section because not all clubs have.. Good luck..

How can my team play a really good volleyball game?! Or get my team motivated..?'s a unisexual sport..beach volley would be good for guys's a really fun sport..i also love it!! i don't really know if there are leagues for guys in your age..but if you have some other guy friends who love to play volleyball then maybe you can play..but if you're not many enough, it's nice to play with the girls...maybe there are also leagues where in a team can have both girls and boys...just try to look around..=D

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males play volleyball all the time. in some colleges, they're actually considered as varsity sports and compete against other schools.

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everybody plays volleyball it just happens that most highschools dont let boys play and colleges but in leagues guys playtoo. all of my coachs have been guys

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Boys and girls. You've never watched a pro game?

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I'm a 16-year-old guy and play volleyball in the local team. I think that if men weren't playing volleyball, it wouldn't be such a good sport. Volleyball needs strength and developed muscles. Men's muscles are more developed than women's. I think volleyball is absolutely a men's sport. If football or basketball didn't exist, more men would play volleyball.
Here in Greece volleyball is the second favourite sport of Greeks (soccer is the first). There are leagues for every age, from 6 till 40. Where are you from? Are there no leagues for guys in your country?

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its soo cool when guys like volleyball. its a really great sport, so you should do it, and yes there are boy volleyball leagues, but their prety hard to find, my league Gold Cal, is a all girl league thing-y, but i know of a boy team that we play. if you google it or search on yahoo, and enter what area you are in, it might have some answers.

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i play boys volleyball through my school.

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Sure, volleyball is for boys too. It just isn't that popular like football, baseball and basketball. It requires more team mentality than any of those three games. I know in southern California, there are boys leagues among middle schools.

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alot of schools have boys teams too

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