Can you give me true facts about volleyball??



What should i wear to meat my bf pearents?

Here's a timeline of Volleyball facts:

It was started over 100 years ago at a YMCA for middle aged men to have some kind of exercise.

In the 1964 Olympics the team from Japan introduced what we know now as Power Volleyball or the volleyball played at the college and international levels.

Explore the website for more info if you can. Not much has been written about the subject. Al Scates wrote a book on it in the 70's and that may have been the last book written. Not that interesting to a majority of the people. Though his teams at UCLA have more National Championships than any other college team. He literally had written the book on Volleyball.

Good luck.

Are vollyball olympic champs Misty May and Kerri Walsh lesbians? Didn't they make a lesbo movie together?

Generally, an official volleyball game has 12 people on the court at once (six on each side).

A ball that successfully lands after hitting the net only counts if it is not on the first hit (meaning the serving hit by the server).

Early on in life, children and youth play volleyball games where only the winning team on a serve gets a point if they made the serve. In college and Olympic style volleyball, the team who wins the serve automatically gets the point.

Were was volleyball invented?

Its all worth the pain of practicing and getting better! and i love it

Isn't volleyball and basketball the two best sports? ROX!

Is it just me or do all the kewl people play grass volleyball barefoot and all the dorks wear shoes & socks?

It's the best sport ever invented, and it's so much fun to play. It's amazing. It takes a lot of work, and it's all worth it.

Is there a place were I could join a teen volleyball team?

the ball hurts

Im looking for volleyball fundamental skills and equipments and rules of badminton please help me?

1) it is not as easy as it looks
2)it is really fun
3)gives ya a rocking sun tan if played under sun
4)it is a game with many physical jumping skills

believe me it is harder than it looks, when blocking, passing and hitting to save and just focusing on your position you will know what i mean.

Where can i go to find local volleyball lessons??


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