Anyone know of any coaches...or places willing to host private volleyball lessons around Fort Worth, Texas?

I'm a junior and high school and the volleyball season is almost done, but me and 2 other girls on the team are planning on loading up on volleyball camps and stuff, and working out alot, so, I'm gathering information. I've already tracked down clinics at TCU. A coach would help us out sooo much more cause of the individual attention.


Volleyball tips?

Why not personally talk to coaches in TCU? Discuss your concerns to them, I'm sure they have an idea or can refer you to someone.

Or try this: Coach Lewis can be reached via email at or in her office at (817) 257-7360.

Where can i find a myspace volleyball layout?

I don't know any coaches, but I've seen very good results from finding college athletes who want to earn extra money. The added advantage of getting a college student is they can answer your college questions as well.

Mike Honeycutt

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