Any motivational cheers...?

Question:My team seems to get discoraged after we lose a couple of points and theyre beatin us by just a few points I try to tell them not to get discoraged and that were gunna stop it right then and there but it seems like nomatter what I say we get discoraged and we think that we lost the game or soething. So I was wonderin if anyone knew of any cheers that my team can do when we lose a point or something that will keep us motivated...not a long cheer just a short sayin or something! Please I really need to know becaus on tuesday we are going to the playoffs!

BTW: I play volleyball if I havent already mentioned that


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Have you ever heard of the Lays theme song.. Lays, put a smile on. Well you could sing that, instead, your team name (tigers, cobras ect), put a smile on !

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start really soft get louder each time (keep repeating it)... we are the (ure team name), couldnt be prouder if u cant hear us yell it louder...


All you (teams name) fans stand up clap ure hands... 2 claps


My team, that I play on always does our pump up cheer,

Pump, pump, pump it up,
Pump, pump, pump pump, it up.

Yelling this chant and claping our hands and jumping helps us get pumped up.

As to what you can say, it has to come from your team, what works best for them. I know sometimes when my coach says things he realizes that only the players can really pump up the team.
Get the players on the bench cheering.

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall pretty girl dont play no ball so lets get ugly!


Bump, Set, Spike it thats the way wel like it!!!

Is it just me or is there a stereo-type that v-ball is a girls sport?

well, the club team i play on is a little wild. So after every point we score, we go crazy. We just yell as loud as we can. And when someone serves an ace, or makes a good pass, we just get wilder.

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I play volleyball too and these cheers get us pumped!!

Before the game starts say this..
Don't Mess, dont mess, dont mess with the best cause the best dont mess. Dont foool, dont foool, dont foool wit the cool cause the cool dont fool. B-e-a-t- Beat em. B-u-s-t Bust em. Beat em bust em that our costume go and head and just win Goooooooo (insert team name here)

Or when someone is serving say
Serve it up (persons name) and make up some quick clap thingy

Or ..
Bump it, set it , spike it , thats the way we like it.. Gooo team!!

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We Had the people on the bench sing this song for the person who serves to boost there confidence.When they serve and no one hits it back over the net we call it a ACE hit, meaning 'ONE'.

A-4 claps-C 4 claps- E 4 claps- ACE! WHOOOO!

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A-C-E Ace, ace ace

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