Club Tryouts.?

Volleyball tryouts are tomorrow...and i am NERVOUS :Z. Does anyone have any tips about how to impress coaches and make the team? I am afraid i will screw it up when i have been working so hard.


Volleyball in Utah?

Oh boy do I:

1.Be hyper the whole time
2.Always wear a smile
3.Try your absolute best
3.Be friendly with everyone ( make a friend)
4.During water breaks take a sip and then go practice (dedication)
5.While waiting in line to do drills don't talk
6.If you make a mistake laugh it off

Just have fun with it! If you trake the sport too seriously people think you are freaky and you'll get nervous. Just play your heart out and then go take a nap when you get home! LOL!

I'm a J.V. setter & my coach wants me to take over my team, but I'm not sure how to go about it?

be confident, dont worry about what the other girls (assuming your a girl..) think of you
act mature, and hustle

Do anybody know how i can play for the Junior olympic team?

make sure you're demonstrating that you can work as part of the team,
dont be too cocky,
give high fives to your teammates, and compliment them
just be a good sport,
coaches love that, if they see that in you,
they'll want to take you on the team no matter what level of experience you have

Anyone know of any beach volleyball tournaments in the Detroit area for the summer?

Be determined to do your best, encourage other players, when they tell you to do something hustle don't walk. bend your knees and have your hands up when your playing...that shows your ready, call the ball when you have it and when your team mates have it back em up just in case.

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