Aging my volleyball..?

My new volleyball stings when I serve, it feels rock hard, and taking more air out doesn't help. I'm squeezing it and pushing my thumb into it and rolling it under my foot to age it and make it softer. Is this worth my time or am I aging it wrong?


I am a volleyball player. i have no time to hang with my friend . what do i do to have more time wiht them?

Throw it in the ocean for a whle and yell."Wiiiilllllsssoonnn?"

In rotation to serve, wat letter of the alphabet is "backwards"?

just throw it aginst a brick wall for awhile. thats what my friend did with hers.

If i were a pro volleyball player, what sorts of foods would i want to eat?

Normally, when you first start playing volleyball it sting your arm for awhile. But dont give up, keep playing and your arm will grow a tolerance to the volleyball.

Why does one of the vball players have different color jersey?

just work it in, play wit hit pass and set wit hit and after awhile it will stop hurting

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