A volleyball game must be won by how many points?


In volleyball van you catch/ receive the ball with your foot?

2! Otherwise if it was a really close game it would feel unfair, I guess.

Where can i get a volleyball myspace web layout?


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I wanna play volleyball next year in high skool? but i've neva played is it too late to learn?

I'm pretty sure that it's 2.

What are the volleyball positions?

2 I think

So its elementary volleyball and Coach doesn't play me or my friend AT ALL for four games?!?!?!?!?

the ahead team has to be ahead by 2 to win but has to reach 25

How should I contact a college that I want to play volleyball in?

usually 2...unless it at a reunion.

Why are male beach voleyballers always shirtless?

First team to 21 wins. You have to win by at least 2 points.

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By 2 points but i think you have to get to 25 points first

What are the best Sports cheers?

2 points

Do you have to be a certain height for volley ball?

it must be won by 25 points, unless your talking about when the score is like 24-24, then it would have to be won by 2 points to were the score is like 26-24 or 28 -26.

Where near UCLA can I play recreational volleyball?

2 but it also depends on your school. we just play till one gets to 25

Have you ever played volleyball when it was raining?

you have t owin by at least 2. you go up to either 21 or 25. the first one there wins but if it's a close one then you have to win by 2.

I play volleyball and I need help to do a serve.?

A game must be won by at least two points

Does anyone have some good volleyball cheers?


In High School Volleyball (NHSF), are intentional hits with the head or chest legal?

A volleyball game needs to be won by 2 or more points!!

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Serving Question?

The correct answer is 2

What is the rule on blocker violation against a setter?

a volleyball "match" or a game you must win by two points
all the match's must add up to two matches above the other team

I hope this answers your question


2 points.

What do you think of the Stanislaus State University Womans Volleyball team?

25 points

they have 3 matches and in order to win a match you have to score 25 points, so sometimes when both teams have won one match each, they make the last match go to only 15 points.

Volleyball cheers?


Should I go for volleyball practice in the morning?

there are 2 matches... each match u have 2 have 25 points... if u win the 1st match then the other team wins the 2nd match u play a 3rd match and u have 2 get 25 points on that 2 ... 2 win the whole game... and if u are at a tie at 25 on any match u have 2 win by 2 points.. a game can go in over time forever until u get (example) 35-32 ... ohh... and just so everyone knows the 3rd match is now 25... they changed the 3rd game so u have 2 win by getting 25.. not 15 anymore... that is 4 junior high and high school

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