A throw that is most similar to the throwing a baseball?

has to do with vollyball


Help me to decide?

uh, overhand? no idea what ur asking bud, or what your answering. heck, i just don't know!! be a lil more specific next time round, kapish? have a good day!!

Daft one about a one legged Spanish volleyball player?

to work out your throwing arm i used to tie a heavy duty elastic band to the beam in my basement and keep stretching it for hours it helps believe me at the end of 2 years i had a fast ball pitch of 75 miles per hour check it out!

Any tips for me on volleyball?

Throwing the game.

In volleyball how would the ref deal with a player touching the ball twice in succession?

You never throw the volleyball like a baseball during a game...it might just be for warming up your arms!

In indoor volleyball who or rather what position is the person with the off colored jersey on each team?

in my personal opinion, i guess the closest to throwing a baseball to someone would be.digging (also called hitting underhand) when you hit with the inside of your forearms. i say that because it's the most common hit, and very controlled.

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