Hey Does anyone play volleyball?

if you do let me know how you are I have played for 8 years now and no one can beat are school!! Lets see if your team has it in them!!!


How do i keep in practice for vollyball? read details plz?

8 years is pretty good but i got u one up on that! 12 years and played at a college level till i tore my sholder!

Are there any grants for small school volleyball teams, for items such as uniforms and equipment?

i love the sport especially 2 man at the beach

What are the best professional volleyball shoes with good stability and cushioning?


What is the best way to get in shape?

yes, but badly!!

VollyBall Tryouts? OH NO!?

My team has gone undeafed for 4 years now we could kick your teams butt!

Club Volleyball...?

Yes i play volleyball but I stink but my team is good- beat Lodi!

What does the "BB" in "BB teams" mean?

yeah...i can just imagine your team losing to the worst team in your district!!

Does anyone have a volleyball training website?

I played volleyball for 7 years and now I'm coaching. I love volleyball!

What strength workouts can i do to condition for vball next year?

Yea i play volleyball been playin all my life love the sport.

I have a vball...?

Yup. I play. For a really long time, my school's been second in the league. But now, the funkiest thing is happening. JV consists of 18 players but only 3 are experienced. We really beat the odds this year and JV and Varsity are tied score-wise. We've both 8-1 (both losses to the same school) and we're playing the school we lost to on Monday. Today, we just beat the team to secure our second place in league. If we win Monday's game, we're tied for #1 and we go to play-offs. If we remain #2, we might make the tournament. Either way, I'm really proud of myself (seeing how I improved the most..everyone sees it and now I'm part of the starters group) and my team, seeing how 90% of the girls have less than a year's experience under their belts.


Yes I play volleyball, and I also speak English...
(should be OUR school).

Who is the inventor of the badminton?

i play volleyball and i love the sport, but my team sucks because our coach doesn't have one clue what she is doing. we do the same things in practice everyday, and we don't improve.

I'm a volleyball player and am getting ready to play in a tournament.any volleyball tips i should know??

The sophomores have been undefeated for the last 5 years. Not one team has beat us. Our Varsity is another story...

Q for volleyball coaches..?

I play volleyball and im in club volleyball too.. our varsity team has gone undefeated for 4 years and we have gone to state 4 years in a row. (u should really try to beat us!!)

My Problems. And open tips for anybody .?

whoa. ego maniac. i wouldnt be talking our team is very good. and ull be emabarrased when someone beats u. try no to be so ego maniacish. im sure ur temas good but sheesh brag much? i love volleyball and omy school has won the championship for ten years in a row (we,ve been around for 11) and i still go into every game thinking that we could be beat. so... dont get too sure of urself.

Cheer or Volleyball?

Well mayb our team could but i think that all that winnning has gone 2 ur head & u seem like that when ur teams steps on the court that u already think ur going 2 win and i say GOOD JOB! 2 any1 who beats u!!

I am looking for a rec volleyball league in southern Mass.?

a little, my school stuck and so this the football hte game is always 0 to something but the 7 grade volleyball are no to bad because they win a lot

GIRLS ONLY! girls if we were in a "no rules" fight with a guy whats the best way to distract him then beat him


Kerri walsh?

I have been playing for 2 years Last year I started for my 7th grade team. I don't know if we could bet your team seen we are in Jr.High and are school is so small we don't try out to get on the team.

Shoo muscled Sara?

Well, I've played volleyball for all three years that it's been offered for my age. 7th, 8th, and 9th. And I live for it. And I'd love to play you. But my team doesn't have it in us.

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