Club Volleyball...?

I was just wondering if there was anyone out there that plays or had played club volleyball.. What club are you in? I am in Wisconsin PoWer... this is my second year... any other clubs?


Who will be welling to give me a scholarship for schooll or just a cool millon dollars?

I coach volleyball for the Great Lakes Region Volleyball Association (we're located in Northern IL). I used to play for the club that I'm coaching for too. It's so much fun!

How many volleyball team's are there in the world?

clubs all over the nation very popular especially for women

Do you play club volleyball?

I play/played club volleyball. I coach more now for Big Island Volleyball Academy (in Hilo, Hawaii) and I play for a team called NO PRESSURE

How are You"ll?

I love playing club volleyball cause you get to practice all year round!

What is the best volleyball?

im not in club but im gonna join next year. it sounds like so much fun.

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