Can anyone teach me how to serve the volley ball and make it go over the net??

i suck and tomorrow we are having that for gym :(


Ppl please help me!!10 points?

underhand, what you do ( dont worry i have done volleyball for 4 years ) lean back get low and keep your hand open and stiff. when you hear the whistle DONT THROW THE BALL UP!! that is important. if you do the ball will go to hi. lean back and hit the ball with the heel of your hand. it should go over. if it dont ask your coach if you work with one of the good players on serving.

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Yes somebody can teach you.

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I'd do it underhand. All you do is stand with your hand in a fist underneath the ball. Swing your arm back and hit it evenly in the bottom of the ball. If you hit it hard and squarly enough, it should go over.

If you want to do overhand, toss the ball in a line above your head, and swing your arm back and hit it right as it's on its way down.

Good luck!


You don't have enough strength on your arm to serve the ball high.

How can I do a proper serve in volleyball...?

get off the computer and get outside and practice

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um..for overhand i know. if u r right handed, place the ball in ur left hand over ur right shoe. Throw it in the air...not 2 high and not 2 low, raise ur hand and smack the ball with the ball of ur hand so that the ball flys over then net gracially. Good Luck!

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in my school most of the varsity volleyball players throw the ball up in the air and punch it with the hand on their other arm.

I play volleyball and after i overhand serve a few times, my shoulder/shoulderblade hurts.What should i do?

I would try underhand first. just make your hand in a fist while holding the ball in the other hand...and swing at it.

you could also try overhand.toss the ball in the air and try to hit it over your head.

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throw the ball high up then hit it hard-----duh

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Try doing some push ups, and also try throwing a volleyball, overhand, to a friend, and passing it back and forth. This builds up and conditions arm muscles.

Another way to serve is to try to do a jump serve. It gives you more momentum, and the volleyball is sure to go over the net. The only problem is, you have to throw the ball at just the right height. If you throw it to high, it'll hit your fingertips and it won't go anywhere. If you throw it to low, it'll hit your forearm, and it'll hurt like heck.

Practice throwing the ball at a good height, it differs for different people, based on how high you can jump, and how tall you are. Than, throw the ball in the air about 2 feet in front of you, than run up, jump, and hit it.

The jump serve also works for people, like myself, who serve the ball too hard when doing the overhand serve, so it always hits the net. That way, with the jump serve, the volleyball is alot easier to hit over the net, and, you can hit it as hard as you want, without worrying about it hitting the net, or going to far out of bounds.

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my over hand serve just came naturally. i was totally surprised when it went over. and that was my first year in volleyball... dont worry. its just gym, and im sure ur not the only one in the class who cant serve...(my friend totally sucked, so i kno how u feel)

Anybody playing in the vegas area?.?

Well you won't learn the overhand over night. Try the underhand until you have time to practice the overhand. The underhand is easier. Smack the ball smartly. I like to serve underhand until they figure it out. It has a different trajectrory over the net, dropping quickly into the "soft " area between the front and the back. You can also aim it at the back 2 corners, since it looks like it is going out and with the trajectory will drop more quickly.

I need help on how to swing faster for my overhand serve in volleyball.?

When you spike, the ball's placement is above your head but in front of you. The swing of a serve is identical to spike. But the only difference is you're on the ground which means you don't have as much momentum and you aren't nearly as high up as when you're jumping. So, in order to compensate for thoses losses, here are 2 things to do.

(1) Take a couple-step approach. This will give you a lot more momentum than a stand-still serve gives you.

(2) Naturally, when you swing, your arm starts down and behind you, it goes upwards, then straight, then downwards, and makes an arc. With that in mind, when you toss the ball, don't toss it in front of you because when you swing your arm, your arm will be swinging downwards like a spike. So, toss the ball directly above your head so that when you swing, your arm will be swinging upwards or straight as u make contact.

*And, always follow through with your swing. Make sure that after your serve, you hand is at your waist. Following through really adds a lot of juice and power to hits, and this goes for spikes as well.

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I play volleyball on a team, and take it seriously, but if you're just playing for PE, you probably should start with underhand. It's cool that you are taking it so serious for PE class!

For underhand, hold your arm out straight, and stay low. Swing your serving arm at the ball, but swing forward, not up. If you swing towards the ceiling, that's where the ball will go. Also, I'm playing volleyball in gym, too, and half the other girls, besides the other volleyball players, don't know what they're doing either, so don't fret if you don't figure it out.

Good luck, and remember to have fun with it!!

Vollyball tryouts?

yeah first have one foot in front of the other. && then you have to toss the ball up really high in the air. you have to throw up really high because when u go to swing your arm to hit the ball your arm has to be at its fullest extension possible. once the ball beging to come down extend your arm && knock the CRAP out of it. good luck =]]

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If your only doing it for really shouldnt care...but i would just serve underhand if you arent worried about making a team.i would practice a fluid forward swining motion with your hand and hitting the ball with the heel of your hand!

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The under hand serve is easy to do just bend over reach your arm back far but not to far (just about the point where you can almost feel the stretch.) then swing. An overhand serve is hard to get over the first time so just practice. To do an overhand serve you need to toss the ball in the air and make sure the ball is a little in front of you so you have to take a step as you hitting it. it gives you more power.

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You can't learn overnight . You'll understand how Custer felt or the men at the Alamo.

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