Anybody like volleyball...I do!?


I like Someone Will I couldn't fit know words up will read it down there?

yes! do u have any tips for my tryouts? if u do then can u either pick my answer for best or go to my volleyball tip question. thx! if u do go here...

How high is a volleyball net?

even though it is primarily a female sport, i love volleyball, im actually pretty good at it lol. except in the sand... so much harder.

What do you do if your really bored on a saturday?

I love volleyball. I once had to dive into the bleachers to save the ball. It went over and we got the point. It was amazing.

How many hours should one work?

I think volleyball is ok

How can i get fit quickly?

yeah it's fun lol

What does tha abbreviation opp., in 6'7" opp., mean?


Wallyball is it a sport??

a who doesent that was so ahrd question

Volleyball pratice skills?

Me too

How do you total hitting percentages in volleyball?

volleyball is amazing! the game makes u move every muscle and body part. it all takes good stamina and endurance, an excellent skill to be on top. everytime a spike a ball, it feels like im on the top of the world!
its a totally different kind of experience.

Books about volleyball...?

i love volleyball I had a game today. the first half was 25/11 us 2nd 25/21 us

Does anyone know the rest of this cheer, i can't remember the rest of it and my vb team wants to use it.?

i do ive been playing for 4 years in school

If u were wearing sneakers & socks and were going to play volleyball on grass, would u play barefoot anyway?

Volleyball is totally AWESOME! There is no comparison to this is simply the Greatest!!

Do u think that the bow and arrow technique always works for serves in volleyball ??

Yea I like it a lot. It also helps to perpare for Basketball season.

Volleyball cheers?

I am playing volleyball for 5 years,three times a week.

Which was your sweetest victory in a volleyball game that you have played?

I do too

How to serve the ball over the net?

i do too
gimme a fi
its one of my favourite sports as u don't havta run around like in others

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