Anyone know any volleyball drills i can do for setting the ball up? It would be for like 5 & 6th graders?

They have trouble setting the ball up (bump,set ,hit) anyone have any ideas or websites or drills i can run in practice to help them? Please nothing really complicated, keep in mind they are only 5 and 6th graders


I tried out for volleyball and made it. i was on the team last year and its big tradtion to make nicknames.


I am in 7th grade and I played volleyball last year and one of the drill they had us do was to pick a partner then one of them lay on the ground and the other one stand over them and drop the ball right at there face and have the one on the ground set it back up to her. and then they switch. This really worked for me cause when I started I always set the ball the wrong way but now I can set it strait up!!

Your Welcome!!

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I always thought the circle drill helped setters. Form a circle and set to the opposite person and rotate around at different heights.

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its called butterfly

ok.first you hve 3 people on one side of the net with balls
on the other sie you have 3 people that are going to pass the ball
the first person who has the ball throws the ball to the person who is passing .the passer passes it to the setter .and the setter sets it.the person who just passed the ball becomes the setter...and the setter becomes a thrower and the thrower becomes a passer its really funn !!

this one is called shuttle pass

have 2 lines of people and one ball have them pass it back and forth then set a goal they can set and pass hitting

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well buy a setter ball it is a heavy ball that teaches you how not to hold it!!! and barley hit it with you works! I learned how to set by someone throwing the ball above my head then having someone to aim for (the coach would call left, right, or middle) and I would have to get it to that person. Another way would be to put them in pairs and make them set it to each makes you aim so the other person dont have to run to get it.

Hope this helps!

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Setting is definitely a difficult technique to learn and perfect, and when teaching the overhand set, the value of a bumpset shouldn't be overlooked.

Shuttle passing forms a simple and efficient means of teaching control over setting and/or passing. Two equal-sized groups of players line up about 10-20 feet apart and pass or set a ball between them. Each player in the front of the line passed or sets back to the opposite line, then "follows the ball" and runs to join the opposite line. The drill can continue in this manner, with each player at the front of his or her respective lines setting and then getting into the other line. Shuttle passing also lends itself to goals, and you can try to get your players to get 5 in a row, then 10, 20, 50, etc. as they progress. You will be amazed as the rapidity with which they will improve.

For the specific skill of setting, however, the simplest and arguably most affective drill is to lie on one's back and set a ball repeatedly above one's face. Though initially difficult, the drill focuses in purely setting control and young players will surely benefit from it. Also, setting repeatedly against a wall, attempting to hit a specific spot on the wall each time, develops setting control. offers a variety of useful drills that I have applied and found to work. A few are a bit advanced and not necessary for young players (despite being labeled "beginner"), though most are definitely applicable.

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I teach volleyball to that age group, and one fo the best games to find position players is simply using the ball crate (the movable one that sits high up) and letting kdis bump or set into the crate. I make it a game with the person getting the most in winning the positon. This is especially important for setters.

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Play some short court.
Use the ten foot line and the sidelines as in and out.
This may sound a little mean but, what we did in club v-ball is play short court and if we didn't set the ball up the other team got a point.
This also helps them control it!
Make the hitting enjoyable for them, though.
If you force them they won't like it.

Good Luck

What do you think?

ive been playin for 3 years now and what we did was to take a volleyball and set it against the wall over-and-over until we got the perfect set. it actually wasnt that hard but i really think it will work.hope i helped.

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This may sound stupid but it works wonders. Put them in a rotation, most likely the one that they are going to be playing. Then go on the other side of the net and "pretend" to throw a ball at them. Don't really throw one, and make them play it out. Tell them that you want a pass, set and spike every time. From this, it will force them to talk, and make sure that they are all doing the basics. Like make sure they all have their hips aimed toward the target, and other little things. Then, once they have this, add a ball and tell them to do the exact same thing. It really does work, trust me! Good luck!

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There is a game called tips where you have 3 people stand on one side of the net and 3 people stand on te other side. In this game, the outline is about 5 feet away from the net on both sides and the court is split in half. Then you play a regualr game of volleyball, but this way they are forced to use all three hits and they are learning how to keep the ball inbounds. (I hope that wasnt too complicated about the outlines, im no sure if i explained it well enough)

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