Anyone know how to impress your v-ball coach?

Hate her-love volleyball


I am a shy pearson so what should i do to not be made fun of while joining the team?

Be a team player! When you have your moment to show off, use it, but not all the time. Stay optimistic and be polite. If you can think of anything, ask her! Sometimes, if the coach is nice (or even if she's not) you can ask her on advice on how to become better. Hope this helps ; ]

Pro Volleyball... How?

Hustle, run and be a leader!!

Volleyball Questions?

being aggressive but not a ball hog

Can you Help me out to find the Notes on "IMPORTANTS OF SPORTS and GAME" in all round Developments?


Why doesn't list results for AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) on this website?

Get your butt out there every day and work hard! Learn a great serve, a nice set, a good pass, and a SUPER spike!

Anyone need help with volleyball?

Smack the opposing team "accidently" in the face with the volleyball while serving.

I need to jump higher?

she's probably a lesbian, invite her to shower with you

Why bikinis while playing beach volleyball?

spike the ball. I don't know, lol

What consist of a volleyball team?

Bend over really FARRRRR when serving lol .. love rakisups wife.. haha

I've got a beehatch for a coach!?

shag them

Any volleyball leagues/pick-up in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding suburbs?

well my coach liked the fact that I never gave up. And also stay low when you pass the ball. Call the ball. And keep a positive attitude!!!

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