Are u supposed 2 wear undies under volleyball spandex?


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Well if you do, they should be very brief. With no undies, your assets would definitely present themselves to whatever degree you allow.

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not really i will tell you if i see anything when you jump

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Doesn't matter

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it all depends on what you want to accomplish. I wore spandex because it was in our uniform and they don't get in the way like shorts. I always wear undies with mine because that is what is comfortable to me. When you do that, you do see lines and some girls don't like these lines to be scene (which is why thongs are so popular). If you don't wear undies with it at all, there will be no lines. Just be sure to check your spandex to see if they are getting really thin. One teammate found a hole in her spandex right before a game.luckilly it wasn't in a horrible spot. Just keep an eye on that!

Volleyball Rotation Help?

It depends on what you want. What ever feels comfortable to you. Me personally I would prefer to wear to wear a thong with my spandex. But it really depends on what you feel comfortable in. People have many different opinions on what they would like to do.

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your comfort. your choice.

some basketball players wear spandex with/without underwear and then shorts over that. But then again, you got cyclist that just wear the spandex alone.

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I played volleyball and I would say don't where plain undies, I would were a thong. If you were nothing then it could get really gross if you know what I mean.

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thats you. if you were 'em then yes, if not. well thats on you. Whatever you deciede

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