Anyone know good volleyball quotes...?

tell me some please!!


Any one like volleyball??

um my coach told me this one one time.. " THe middle of the court is the teams pride, it doesn't belong to any one single person, yet is everyones responsibility."
i think its pretty deep

Which highschool do you go to?

"there no crying in volleyball" oh wait that's baseball.

When does the volleyball season start & finish in the States?

"always try your best"

I notice my new volleyball shorts have a cotton liner, like a bathing suit. Can I wear them without panties?

"Nothing but net."

Club Tryouts.?

Spike it?

Jeltsin Cup volleyball (women)?

on defense
"you guys are like American Express, stop Charging!"

How does I shoop da whoop?

"kill it"

my team: "there's no running in volleyball" (we only ran if we lost a scrimage in practice and that was just to make us try harder- there really isn't much running in volleyball and my coach would rather us play volleyball for conditioning- we came in 6th in the state when i was a senior, so it has to work) use this on your coach, if he's nice

"side out"

i don't think there's many quotes, but there's usually inside jokes of the team' least there was on mine- i'm not really sure of others.sorry i didn't help much

Volleyball - rules, history, info on this sport?

S I - S I D - S I D E O U T - SIDEOUT! ________(team name) - SIDEOUT _______(team name)!

Wwhoa ACE! Shake that ACE!

Hit the ball sideout, sideout hit the ball sideout!

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