A touch or a block in volleyball?

when you jump up to block the ball, when is it considered a "touch" and when is it considered a "block" ?


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Yes, you would still have 3 three hits to perform on your side.

A "touch" is making contact with the ball and it remains on "your" side of the net.
A "block" is just that, you have blocked the ball and it is returned to the "other" side of the net.

Keep in mind, that if you go up to block an opponents hit, and it appears to have been blocked and remains on "your" side of the net, it is not a "touch", but a "hit" by you, then allowing you to only have 2 additional hits.

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If it doesn't go over the net on your side it is a block

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A touch is the act of doing it. Like a bump or a set. A block is where you actually block the ball by touching it.

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A touch, your trying to move the ball in a certain direction.
A block, your trying to stop the ball from going in your direction.

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a "BLOCK" is what it is. The ball does not cross over to your side of the net. You blocked it!

a "TOUCH" is also what it is. You touch the ball while blocking, but the ball is likely to be on your side of the net. Block touch does not count as a contact for indoors...so you still have all 3 contacts left. For beach doubles..you have 2 contacts after a block touch.

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If you're going up for the block and touch it, but it doesn't go back to the other side, it is still in play and you still have 3 hits. But you have to go up with both hands for it to be a legal block; if you only go up with one, touch it and hit it again, the ref will call a double-hit.

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when people go up to block, sometimes it still comes over, so the blocker will yell "touch" to warn the team that the ball is changes paths and so that if it goes out they know to play it because a teammate has already touched it. If the ball is contacted above the top of the net, it is considered a block and the team still has three hits (and you can play the ball again yourself to count as one of those three). If you contact the ball below the top of the net, it is considered a touch and you have only 2 more touches.. it confuses some people because the word "touch" is used in different ways

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A block does not come on your side of the net. A touch is when it touches your fingers on a block attempt but comes over on your side. You still have 3 hits in order to return the ball.

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A block is what we call stuffing a person...

if you go up to block the ball and the ball hits your hands and falls on your opponents side and either it hits the ground or they play it out that is blocking

A touch is when you go up to block and the ball hits your hand but still drops on your side and you either play it or let it hit the ground


on either a block or a touch you still get 3 hits after each

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it is a block if the ball hits your hand full on and either goes out on the other side or scores a point
its a touch if you touch it but it gets past you

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a "touch" is when it touches your hands but still comes over (and your team still has 3 hits left). a "block" is when you touch the ball and it doesn't come over to your side.

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it's always a block, inless you actually hit the ball (as in spike).

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