Afraid of volleyball?

ok so im going into this volleyball and tons of my friends are really good and im like not the best actually ive never touched a volleyball before until last year in p.e and i was wondering does anyone no the simple rules of volleyball and how to get better? well anyways for the rules give details like what they are thanks alot


Coed Volleyball?

First, anyone can learn how to SET the ball. Put your thumbs and pointer fingers together (it should make a diamond shape). The ball should land on your finger tips and then roll off of them while you're pushing your hands away from each other. Its good if you can set the ball while its above your head- look through the diamond in your hands so you have more control over it. SPIKING: Practice this motion by slapping the ball up and down. As the ball bounces up, keep your hand firm with your fingers together as you slap the ball down. Only your wrist should be controlling this movement. There's different ways you can SERVE the ball. I would show up early or ask a PE teacher of the coach to help you during lunch or after school. When you're on the court, COMMUNICATION is key! Call the ball and talk to your teammates. They will appreciate your focus and help you in your trouble areas. Show up early for practice to get help. Always stay positive no matter what. Don't gang up on other teammates! Listen to what your captain and teammates are saying, but don't be afraid to ask questions or for extra help. Most of all: HAVE FUN! You'll play better if you're not nervous. GOOD LUCK!

International rules do they differ from North American rules in sports.?

sorry no help here

Over hand serve?

dont be afraid of the ball\, thats the first thing. Dont be afraid to dive on your knees. Just pratace bumping and volleying around with a couple of friends. The rules of volleyball is very simple, when you serve your foot cant be over the line, the ball cant touch your plam when you volley or bump. And you can never touch the net or its the other teams ball. Volleyball is simple, just go to the tryout and you will learn in no time.

Why isn't Volleyball popular?

im trying to find out the same thing. it seems like everybody is soo good at volleyball and i SUCK!

Any open gym volleyball in waikiki area?

Getting better at Volleyball in minutes...!

Yeah, it can be a tough game with volleyballs flying all over the place and the other players acting like pro's and then theres you..who ends up being gun shy and leaving with red arms and sore joints and who knows, maybe even being noted as one of the "not so good players". Well, don't worry... heres a couple tips you can use to make you at least 5 times better than you were last week. patient! Playing and learning the game takes time. You're not going to be a "pro" or look like a "pro" from the get go!

Second.. Bump the ball..don't "smash" the ball. Think of it this way. The ball is soft and gentle, treat it with compasion, even when spiking it. (more later on that)

Third...Control. Take a volleyball and with your arms extended and hands together, bump the ball about 3-6 inches high off your arms. Do this lightly and get a "feel" for the ball and what it can do. If you are standing doing this drill, make sure you bend your knees and move your feet. Again, nice and easy! Try do this, let's say 25 to 50 times in a row! I know you can do it.
(You can also practice setting, by forming an "O" with your thumbs and pointer fingers, along with your other fingers spread apart and gently push (set) the ball about 3-6 inches in the air. Again, nice and easy, don't force it. This should be a quiet drill and can be done inside. (Let's see a golfer do this, practicing hitting a golf ball...giggle, giggle)

Finally..Learn from others! Don't be afraid to ask someone, "How did you do that?" or "What can I do to be a better player?" This lets others know you are willing to learn the game and get better. It also lets them know your skill level and will give you some slack if you do make a mistake.

Going to the "court" to see a judge, should be scary!
Going to the "court" to play volleyball, should be fun!

Hang in there kid! Best of luck!
(ps.if you need a tip or two on serving or hitting the ball, drop me a line)

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