Any good site that explain volleyball rotation stuff?

Question:im an outside hitter, and when the other side serves or your side serves, i have to sometimes switch back to the outside position if im currently in the middle postion, etc. it gets confusing sometimes where to stand before the server serves (before you switch to your position), etc. are there any good websites that explain how this works (where to stand, etc.)?

tell if you cant understand the question because i worded it extremely badly. thx.


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volleyball at a high level is much more complex than most people realize as you are finding out. i'll try to cover the basics in easy terms, this should get you by on any basic rotation and make some sense of what's going on around you. beyond that, look to your coach for explanations of special rotations. and don't be afraid to ask questions!! it's better to slow down a practice and understand what's happening than to make mistakes in a game setting.


starting at the serving position and going counterclockwise the positions are numbered 1-6. 1 being the server(right back when facing the net) and 6 being the middle back.

the most common rotation (assuming your team has the first serve) starts the setter at the 1. this is in order to give your team three rotations with the setter in the back row and three hitters. also it starts the setter at his/her base defensive position. the setter plays right back because theoretically that position should see the fewest defensive action. that is important because the setter needs to touch the ball on the second contact, not the first, for the offense to run correctly.

the two position has the outside hitter (you). as soon as the ball is served you and the player in the 4 spot switch - you go across and he/she comes to your spot. it sounds like this is where your confusion begins. the reason for the switch is to get both players to their base defensive, and in the case of the front row, offensive, positions. if the 2 and 4 position players don't switch, then you, the outside hitter would be stuck in the right side hitting position and would have to block the other team's outside hitter. this also creates another problem, if the setter does have to dig the first ball over the right side player is usually the other setter ( if your team plays a 6-2, if you play a 5-1 then there technically isn't a backup setter but the right side player is typically the one in charge of setting). why wouldn't you just put the outside hitter in the 4 spot and the right side in the 2 spot then?? well that comes from the logic of the rotation. like i said before, assuming your team runs a 6-2, you have two setters on the court ( as you do of each of the other positions). so in order for one player from each position to be in the front row while the other is in the back, your rotation must be set up so the players are opposites (setter at 1 and the other at 4, middles at 3 and 6, and outsides at 2 and 5). thus come the rules, and inherent confusion, of the rotation.

essentially, in the front row, the middle stands at the net in the middle for their three rotations and the other players have to switch around him/her. then the other middle comes to the front and the cycle is repeated.

serve-receive ( when the other team is serving) is far more complicated and can vary widely. this is where you have to ask your coach questions until you're sure where to go every time. but the basic theory is the same in the end, the reason you have to switch is to get to your base position after the ball is in play.

a very basic rule for serve-receive, to at least avoid being penalized for being out of rotation, is to make sure that you don't overlap with the player in front of/behind you and the players at your sides - but even this is hard to explain without diagrams, better to ask the coach.

oh, in case you don't know what i mean by 6-2 and 5-1... this is the offense your team runs. a 6-2 means that there are 6 hitters and 2 setters. this is because all players in the front row on any rotation are hitters, totaling 6 offensive players. a 5-1 on the other hand means that you have 5 hitters and only 1 setter. since the setter is not considered a hitter even when he/she is in the front row, you only have 5 offensive players.

i know that was way too long, but i hope it helps a little.

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go on your search bar and type in vollyball help. it works

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IN a six-person game you start from the back right and can only rotate out in the servers position. What makes it difficult is the 6-2 offense or the 5-1 offense, which tries to change rotations to allow the outside hitters to get time up front.

Any tips on better playing?

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It's kinda like The OracleatDelphi stated. Volleyball is a sport that maintains rotation so that each player is given the responsibilty / opportunity to cover each position. These positions are front and back row positions, which are maintained for offensive attack reasons. No player in the back row may contact the ball above the height of the net if they do so from having jumped while standing on or in front of the attack (or 3 metre) line.

Starting with the left front row (next to the net) the positions are 4, 3, and 2. In the back, starting from the left, the positions are 5, 6, and 1. Everytime your opponent loses serve, and your team gets it back, the players on your team must rotate clockwise. This means that the player in 1 goes to 6, the player in 5 goes to 4, the player in 2 goes to 1, etc. Players must stay in the position they move to until the serve is completed. Once the ball is in play, players may move to ANY position they want, but the rules of front and back row play must be remembered. That means that a player who is in the front middle (position 3) may move to position 4 once the ball has been served.

This done a ton. Coaches use these structures to have players get into offensive positions that make the best use of each players unique physique and skill set. If you get moved to the outside, I'm guessing that there may be a taller player on your team that coach wants to defend the middle. Maybe your coach thinks you can just smoke the ball - that seems to be a trait of a lot of outside hitters.

But I ramble...You asked about great sites.

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