Should i quit playing volleyball?

i love playing volleyball. but im sick and tired of my team mates. none of them ever step it up and i am always making up for their mistakes. i put in alot of time and effort for a team that doesnt even appreciate it. i hate being the best. Alot of pressure always falls on my shoulders and i cant carry another team for another year. this year i am head captain but i shouldnt carry a team. what should i do?? please help.


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quit that team and find a junior olympic team in your area thats ranked high and try out for them

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Well even if you like playing volleyball you should never be the only one working on a team. I was in volleyball for the first two years of my high school and I quit my Junior year because I could not stand my teammates. I really love volleyball but I was always too stressed out. I really don't know if this helps but I hope you do what you think is best.

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when they suck so bad it only makes you look better. which is also great for your college application.unless you have somewhere else you can go to play volleyball.stick with it,.it is better to play with people that suck then not play at all.

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I think you should NOT quit. If your teamates arent doing good try sitting out and watching them, see what they are struggling with, then help them fix it. Also try running certain drills taht will help them better themselves. If you feel like you cant carry the team, resign from captain but dont quit. good luck =)

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If you don't like playing anymore, than you should either quit or change what is annoying you about the game - like switching teams. If you are playing for your school, switch to a serious club team. And if you are in HS and have a shot at getting a scholarship or playing on a varsity team in college, then mightaswell stick it out if you still like the sport in general. Any varsity college team will have people dedicated to the sport.

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do not quit your team u may not like them all the time but they are your team and u may get new team mates that care more about the team then the others.

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If you are that good and wish for your teamates to step it up, then you need to make more of a commitment for the team. That means staying late to teach those who are weaker and help to make those better that are just in need of polish.

So what if your greatness or exuded excitement, if your team is terrible and your good no one will really be excited about either of you. So in order to be truely great learn to elevate others then your very limited thinking will have others saying and beliving that you truely are that!

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omg i had the same problem. I played volleyball in high school and i was one of the best ones one the team. I was also head captain. A lot of pressure was on me too. If i ever made a mistake our coach would yell at me and say i could do better or he expected more from me. I used to get really angry about it. Also just like you I'd always be the one to step up and take the responsibility. but then the girls would call me a stuck up or say i was always taking control. But i love volleyball so much. Some times you just have to ignore what any one says to do your best. Don't let them bring you down. And don't be ashamed of your talent. Everyone is just jealous of how good you really are. and besides why shouldn't carry a team. You sound like the perfect person. Now whither you quit or not that's up to you, but do you really want to lose something the means so much to you and that you've worked so hard for? i wouldn't and i didn't, and I don't think you should either. I hope i helped. Best of luck! :)

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two options first:
pep it up- try to get them excited to play. do secret sisters to bond the team. you could give awards of the week- my team got macmomma awards in college- a member would be chosen to get a dollar to McDonald's (the name goes with the place)- decorate their lockers to make them feel good- play team building games.they make the team think more alike- BOND- even give them a talk about what you would like to accomplish this season- make it a team conversation, not just you.but bring ideas to them of what you think the team should be striving for

or give in- don't put your all in won't make you better, but you can play.just have fun

quitting, i think, should be the option if you're failing school because of what they do to you.think about it and set your priorities

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Just do your best and what feels right. Maybe allow them to practice by themselves because what would happen if you get hurt? They wouldn't be able to make those mistakes. So give them a chance maybe they just feel that you'll always be there.

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talk to your couch, and since you are captin whip some sence into them

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You shouldnt quit something you love just cause your teamates are lazy! Thats probably the worse thing you can do!! Just suck it up and do what you do best...tell your coach and talk things over with her, maybe she could change things!! Best of Luck...

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keep playing!!!!! if u luv the sport dont quit. if ur team captain this year, get them to do more exercises to get better. dont ever quit something if u luv it b/c other ppl dont apprieciate it.

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I had the same problem,and I quit.And that was the BIGGEST mistake of my life.Do you always quit so easy what you like?I don't think so...If you really love it DON'T could make a huge mistake.If you don't like those people change the club..if you can't then just put up with it.It's worth it!

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crack that whip... u may be seen as a ** captin... but u guys will win if u step up to the plate and tell them to play

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I think that u should quit and if they beg for u to come back, tell them they need to be serious and actually contribute. If they still dont do anything, find a different team.

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i would not quit the sport at all...i would first have a talk with your team and see if you can help them change...if not and your still angry with them, i would try and find a more competitive team that you enjoy playing with!!

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