Best advise for a DS?

i have play ds and i just want some advise to make myself better please and thank you


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Stay low, focus on the angle that the hitter is coming into the ball.70% of hits will be cross court. Read how well your blockers will take away certain section of the floor and cheat to the other sections. Again make sure you are low and go get everything.

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stay freakin low! my gosh that is really all you can do pay attention to coaches and go to varsity games whenever you can what position do you play 1, 5, or 6 email me and ill give yuou more tips according to what you are,

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i think the only thing u can do is practice practice practice. ds is a pretty hard position and the skills can only be picked up with experience. when you started volleyball im sure the coach was like "put your hands like so...and do that." but even when u knew how to do it, all your passes would go everywhere. only after time when something sorta clicks are u able to know when to cushion the ball on certain hits and so forth and it comes naturally. its very similar to your movement on the court. it comes naturally after experience. as a ds, all a coach can tell u is how to find the angle from the hitter's shoulder to the ball to the holes in the block. other than that, its all on you and your instincts as a good volleyball player to naturally pick it up.

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probably go after everything!

Go after those balls that you have to dive for especially the ones that are hard hits

oo and stay low all the time and learn how to dive properly and learn to get up quick

never give up!

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i've seen a lot of games with dss and its like this. you make sure there are people blocking that way they decrease the amount of room you need to cover when there is a hitter spiking the ball far back.also stay low and try to anticipate the the hitter and see what angle his arm is swinging at...or where the ball will go. dont be afraid of jumping out for the ball and be as quick as possible...even try some suicides to pick up your have a lot more court than you may think but you can minimize that amount of room and you can be a great ds

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I am guessing ds is aka for libero, unless you are just being subbed in. But my advice after being a libero is pass, pass, and pass. Get as many reps as your can working on underarm passing. I know it is boring but it will only make you better.You should be able to control the ball underhand in any situation. Also footspeed will be very important. It will help you stay on your toes and being to make that split second adjustment so that you can get your shoulders behind any ball.

That would be my next tip, get your body behind the ball in any situation. In practice, focus on getting your body behind every ball. It will force you to more and you will become better at reacting to balls and hits coming outside of your body.

My last little piece of advice is get good at reading shoulders. Especially from left side hitters and right side hitters, if you can read their shoulders, you will be able to read 90% of where their hits are going to go. Good luck, work hard, and go balls to the walls.

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