2 vs 2, 4 vs 4, or 6 vs 6?

Which one do you like most? I like 6 vs 6.


Does anyone know where i could find a good website for volleyball drills?

4 vs 4...because 2 vs 2 can get too tireing..and we play 6 vs 6 all the time! when you play 4 vs 4 you get the ball more and you have to hustle but not wear yourself out!

Do you have any idea whenu r goin 2 be able 2 pick ur own shoes 4 the differnt outfits***?

what is this ?

Can Anyone Give Me Tips For Playing Volleyball?!?!?!?

2 Vs 2 It Would be More Fun ...The Little The Nicer ...
You Would Become More Close to Your Partner and You Wont Fight on the Ideas Like 4 or 6 People ...
Thanks For Asking
Nice Question

Got volleyball cheers?

2vs2 because then its harder

Time problem?

Actually, I like 3 on whatever!

2 males and 1 female. (not what you think)

Great court coverage, plenty of room to move, less communication. Doesn't really matter who's on the other side then.

But, if I did have to pick one of your choices, it would be 4 on 4.


Does anyone have any tips to make my volleyball team better?

i like 6 vs 6 and 2 vs 2

6 on 6 cuz u kno that u have to work more as a team to win
and 2 on 2 cuz its really fun and it makes it hella harder =]]

How many jumps are there in each set of volleyball match for each player?

i like one on one!!

I love volley ball but I need tips to get better?

Depends. Tourney court, probably 6.

Anything smaller and I'd say 4.

I'm trying out for the volleyball team and i need some advice ? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

depends but 6 vs 6 is better for covering and that way you can block too!

Volleyball best height to weight indicators?

6 vs 6 most coverage.. easier with lower leveled peeps

Volleyball tryouts?

Two on Two. The others there are too many people on the court. I like to rely on my wit and skill, and see my partner do the same.

I am so nervous and scared!?

well i like kinda 6 vs 6 and 4 vs 4 but tht is my opinion

I am going to be in highschool i want to be in the school's varsity ,?

i like 6 vs 6 the best because it's so much easier...you don't have to worry as much about the ball going somewhere where no one's at.

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