Can you please help me?!?... please?

i tried out for volleyball, i mssed 1 serve... and I DIDN'T MAKE IT! please try to cheer me up! i've been crying!


Am I supppose to be MAD?

Woot! Woot! Woot! Go Lor-the-giraffe! Houraahhhh!!

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its okay theres always next year ! i didnt make my 8th grade schools team, but i made it in highschool varsity the next, and now im starter ! just have more faith and keep on playing for the passion !

Who here plays volleyball?

well. i doubt that u didnt make it just cuz u missed 1 serve, you probably sucked at a lot of other things during the try-outs. Maybe the other girls are just better than you.think of what else you can work on and improve so that you can make it next year. good luck

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hey.. its prob not becuz u missed 1 serve.... just don't think about it...... eat some ice cream (not 2 much tho) cry it out..... find something else 2 do

Can you help?

HA HA u didnt make it u need to try more lady jeez get into the game and pratice pratice and pratice some more man u need to pratice veryday like i do then u make it no doubt sorry to be mean in the beginning but u should pratice if u really wanna make it!

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Ask the coach what you could work on for next year. Then relax, you'll get another chance next year. There are other sports next season or even this season - what about field hockey, or soccer?
As far as volleyball - let it go, but keep working on your skills. There's nothing a coach would rather have on their team than a fighter!

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I took a Dale Carnegie Management Course once, and one thing they taught us is that nobody is going to pat us on the back, that it's our own responsibility to pat ourself on the back when we've done good...and to encourage ourselves when we've done not so good.

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Don't cry! Use it for your inspiration for next year! I would ask the coach what I needed to work on, and then work on it! Go to camps and clinics, and practice whenever possible. Then when the next tryouts came around, I would go out there and show them what I had.

Coaches don't always look for the "best" - they look for the coachable ones. The ones that think they are the best tend to not work hard, and they don't really get better. Show the coach you will listen to them, and show them that you are coachable.

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Jesus don't call yourself a giraffe. I'm sure your way cool.Make a couple of crank calls to japan or Iraq using the yahoo Internet phone that always cheers me up

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oooh no not criyng it's not the thing to cry be urself practic more concentrate on ur work and practicing spetioly in ur playing time whith group.try for the secent time . belive ur self this is tru dont cry this is not the way to solving problems . aperson who had lost some thing doesent cry or other stpid thing she /he trys for secend /third /forth/.. time .i hope u got what do i mean.good luck

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u can be the sister didn't make it in 8th grade and so she decided to be the manager.she got to practice with the team and she was pretty much part of the team except she couldn't play on the court.she improved alot though and was able to make JV in high school and played varsity her sophomore year.she felt the same way you did.she was small and had trouble so she became a shes coaching me so i can try out.

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it's gonna be ok. michael jordan didn't make his skool basketball team until hi skool, & look how great he iz now. or, you probably just had a bad day(s).all u need 2 do iz practice, practice, year will come and you'll be even better.

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I've been playing volleyball for four years now, and i know that it wasn't because you missed one serve that you didn't make the team. Just try to get better. Practice and don't be angry if you mess up. Just know that you will do better next time. One thing that the coach will look for is ATTITUDE. If you mess up, don't show that you are mad because the coach will definitely assume that you have th wrong attitude. You'll do better next time. GOOD LUCK!!

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just practice and you will make that serve next year and maybe you didnt not make it just because the serve i mean maybe it is the coach. you know that all coaches have favorites so dont even worry about it just keep practicing.

i got put on the "B" squad when i was a 7th grader and all my grade was on the "C" squad and the girls on "B" squad didnt like me there parents would go and talk to the coach and tell her to play there kids so then i got put on the bench which sucked but dont worry it will all work out.

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The coaches obviously are retarded for not having you on their team. You're totally the bomb, and they need to get their asses in gear, cause you're coming next year, and then, you're gonna take no *! You rock the court, and they need glasses. :)

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