Can anyone describe what "jaying" the ball means? Volleyball?


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Jaying the ball in a game of volleyball means that the player is hitting or spiking at a very fast pace. They appear to be in zone and everything they touch scores.

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What's the best way. . . . ?

i'm not 100% sure but i'd say it means to hit it diagonally across the net. if u think about it when u jay walk, it means to walk diagonally across the road and not straight across as u should

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I means hitting the ball to your teammate so they can surf or sumthing I like that Idk.

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Well on my team we do a J and it is a certain kind of hit

you start between the right and middle attacking position you yell J and the setter sets the ball behind them so you start with your approach, but instead of going to the net you sorta go along the net and jump of one foot make a 90 degree turn and attack the ball making it go diagonally

I'm sure that sounds really really confusing but that is the only way I can really explain it

hope it helps

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You might be refering to "jay stroking" It is when you run very fast to catch up to a ball. Instead of hitting the ball on your forearms, you hit it with the flat part of your thumb/wrist. As you hit the ball you flick your wrists up, as to make the curved part of a "J" and the long stem of the "J" would be your arms. This move is done properly by running through the ball instead of stopping. This move will flick the ball strait up in the air in hopes that a teammate will be able to get to it. This move is the last move done before you should dive for a ball.

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