15-year-old daughter cut from volleyball team?

I have a 15-year-old daughter who was a starter on the freshman volleyball team last year and now got cut this year and is very upset. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to handle this?


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It is not normal practice to cut a player who was a starter on theri freshman team. There must be some issue that you don't know about. Like the other people said, there could be an issue with her grades. It could also be an attitude thing. I have had players on my freshman team that were starters, but didn't do well their junior year becaust the varsity coach didn't like their attitudes.

I would definitely try to schedule a meeting with the coach to figure it out. There might be a way to resolve the problem for next year. If your daughter wants to continue playing & try out again next year, she could play club.

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It's most likely because of a Varsity vs. Jr Varsity issue.

Ask the coach what she can do or what the alternatives are.

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tell her to keep going for it no matter what

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talk to the coach to see why she was cut!your daughter might not be giving you the whole story!maybe her grades werent good enough ?or some other problem~!make an appointment with the coach and talk to him or her without your daughter around.

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is there maybe a club she could join? maybe not a team, but just a club where she could have fun and learn with no pressure. how about volleyball lessons?

tell her that life is very unfair sometimes but if she really wants something, she'll find a way to get it and she should never give up on what she really wants.

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Explain to her that Michael Jordan got cut from his sophomore team in high school.

Mike Piazza from (2) college teams, one was a community college.

You can also make an appointment with her coach and explain to them how important the sport is to her. Ask if she can "practice" with the team. This will show her commitment and will put her in line to make the cut next year. If she does well in the practices she might even make the lineup. Be polite and non confrontational. Explain that you appreciate the cut and accept that she didn't make the team based on a fair assessment (even if you disagree), but that you know how hard she works AND WILL work and how important the sport is in her life...a catalysts for her getting good grades etc. etc...this usually works...I know...I'm a coach part time.

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Don't try to talk the coach into lettin her be on the team.the other girls will find out what happened and treat ur daughter like crap! Just talk to ur daughter and tell her its ok and try to sign her up for some sort of volleyball community league thing..

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Tell your daughter to keep on playing no matter what and check around for local volleyball clubs those are good too!

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Send her to a lot of camps so she can blow them away next year.

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What ever you do, do not go talk to her coach yourself. That is highly frowned upon in highschool leagues.

Chances are, your daughter did not make the team for a reason. Talk to her, and tell her to think of the reasons why she might have not made it. Also, tell your daughter to scheduale a time when she could talk to the coach. She should ask the coach if she can still practice with the team, to show she is still dedicated to the sport.

You can also get her involved in a JO (Junior Olympic) team. If there is not one in your area, talk to the people at your community center about creating one. Chances are, there are other girls who also got cut and still want to play.

Be sure to keep in mind that JV teams are usually a mix of Juniors and Seniors. Also, freshman teams generally don't make to many cuts, where as at the JV teams have a smaller number (usually 12 or 13) and have a lot more girls going out for it.

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Was it fair that she was cut? If not, talk to the school board.

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