Anyone like watching women's volleyball like I do?

What religious quack had this question removed before?


Why volleyball is not famous in our INDIA at NATIONAL LEVEL?

im an addict! im an enthusiast and a player as well

Do you think Brazilian national volleybam team is the best ever?

I greatly enjoy it, but I kind of wish they'd show some girls other than Misty May and Kari Walsh once in a while.

What is the meaning of zone defence without blocker in volleyball sports?

When I went to Sydney for the 200 Olympics, I made a special point of getting up front seats for a day on Bondi beach watching the women's volleyball. I had to lie down & have a rest the next day :-)

P.S. Volleyball stadium was an eyesore though - I hope they dismantled it afterwards.

Know of any good volleyball clinics or camps in st.charles mo?

eh...once in a blue moon.

True or False:?

i do! i like it more than watching the men's game. there are more rallies and finesse plays. more exciting i think.

Do you think that highschools should have a boys volleyball team too??

beach for the win...and it's not may-treanor and walsh's fault that they always make the finals in the AVP tour. haha

but for indoors- women might be hot to watch, but men's is definitely more exciting. I'm talking about when countries play each other though like during the Olympics. Some of those countries did some crazy spikes and digs.

How to develop a good jump serve?

I luv watching womens volleyball...but i rarely get to watch it...cuz of prctice and school work and stuff.

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