Can somebody tell me like the basics of volleyball?

I need to know the rules and stuff too.


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I would suggest asking your P.E/Gym teacher. But, to start you off.
Make a fist with one hand and cover it with the other. make sure you have a strong, firm triangle. This is pretty much the upper body bumping position. The swing for a bump is from your belly button to your chest/shoulders. Just give it a little power.

Setting may be a little harder to tell you over the internet. Put both hands above your head, make sure they are open hand and thrust them up when the ball comes.

Spiking is a more aggreesive approach to the ball. Depending on whether you are right-handed and left-handed.. Hit the ball with your right hand if you are right handed and vice versa. Smack it down on the other teams side.

Serving is kindof tossing the ball over to the other side. You have to hold the ball with your left handed just even with your chest/stomach(I'm pretending your right-handed) and with your right hand, make a fist and bring it back behind you, kindof underhand,and come through into the ball. One of the biggest misktakes people make is throwing it up in the air and hitting it. Dont do that. I just taught you underhand serving. i wouldnt try overhand serving for a while!

Rules...hmm...Dont hit the ball out of bounds.
you have 6 people on your team. on the court at once. So you only get three hits on one side. at a time. so lets say the other team serves, you bump it to a teamate, your teamate bumps it to the setter ( or the person who lightly tosses the ball over the net) and the setter makes it over. Good job! But if you have to hit the ball 4 times or more, sorry youre out of luck. The other team gets a point. :( Also, you can not hit the ball twice in a row. If you bump the ball, step back and a teamate has to hit it if it didnt go over. Then you are free to hit it again.

Like I said, talk to your gym teacher. Volleyball is starting up again! Maybe you would have fun being on the team. :)

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Bump, set, spike.

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If you permit me, I will defer to WESTLAKE HIGH SCHOOL

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ok. so, first you need to know how to bump and serve the most important. if you are still in middle school, then serving underhand is OK, but overhand is the best. Above that, overhand. to bump, make a fist and wrap the other hand around it. keep your elbows straight and dont swing your arms. use your legs, and keep them bent. Then comes setting, becuase after a serve goes over the net, you use the bump set spike method to get it back over (if your good). otherwise just bumping it back works. For more info, go to the site i listed, it should help. good luck!

GIRLS ONLY! girls, if we girls were in a "no rules" fight with a guy, who would win, and tell why?

there is like 6 or 7 people on a court and one person serves it, and if it goes over, the other team has to remember bump, set, spike, where some1 would try to bump it up to the setter to set it so some one can spike it.
bump=hands together and let it hit off your arms
set=put the ball up in the air with their finger-tips
spike-from the set they have to jump up and hit it down.
if the ball is out of the side lines LEAVE IT ALONE, then if you miss it then your teamates WILL yell at you(from experience) well if you have more questions, look it up or ask a friend who plays it, well good luck playing, i hope i helped!

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Lets keep this simple.
The First Rule of Volleyball is keep the Volleyball off the ground..
After thats its about form and makeing it easier and better

Pls. give me the history of volleyball?

Ok first things first...6 people on a court, 3 hits to each side...bump, set, spike...bumping is easy just keep your legs bent, your arms straight, and dont swing them!! Setting is a little need to keep your legs bent as well but the fingering is hard to spiking is tricky but easy once you get it, you do something called an "approach" and follow through...lastly, have fun and enjoy every minute of it! If there is anything else...just ask...hope this helped!

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Here are some of the rules in simple words:

1.) You may not touch the net, go over the net, or go under the net.
2.) You have to serve from a certain spot (determined by the referee), and may not go past it.
3.) You may not carry the ball (usually accidental when setting). Carrying means to hold the ball instead of hitting it, even if it is for 1/2 a second.
4.) Your team may only hit the ball three times before hitting it over the net.
5.) If when you serve the ball does not make it over the net, it is the other team's serve.
6.) If the ball lands on your side after your team served, it is the other team's serve (same other way around).
7.) If the ball lands on your side after the other team served, they get a point (same other way around).

There needs to be at least six people on a team to fill all of the positions. The game lasts until one team gets 25 points. To serve the ball you can use three different methods: overhand, underhand, and sidehand. For overhand, hold the ball in front of you on your non-dominant hand, bring your hand without the ball up as if you are grabbing your ponytail, throw the ball straight up, and hit the ball with the hand behind your head. Start swinging your hand when the ball is eye-level, and make sure it is not too high, or too low. If you mess up, let the ball drop without touching it and try again. Overhand is (in my opinion) the most challenging, so it would most likely be in your best interest to use sidehand or underhand, whichever you prefer. To serve sidehand, stand facing the left or right, and put your non-dominant hand in front of you with the ball on it. Put your dominant hand to the side , depending on which way you are facing. If it helps, you may throw the ball up a small ways. When you are ready to serve, swing your dominant hand straight into, and a little under, the ball. To serve underhand, hold the ball in front of you with your non-dominant hand, put your dominant hand in front of you, about half a foot below the ball, step forward, and it the ball.

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