I am so excited I was asked to come to the varstiy tryouts tomorrow this is big because I am only a freshman. Turns out they are looking for a new setter since the varsity setter hurt her shoulder and the other one just had an operation. I really hope I make it but there will only one other freshamn there another setter so I am really nervous. How did everyone else do at their tryouts?


In volleyball what is a 4 hit pass ?

really thats cool i did really good except i got some bruises but o well thats really cool getting to play on the varsity what school r u going to at my school we had to go into a really hot gym i was dying! but good luck and dont be nervous if ur just as good as those other girls they should be happy to have u on their team. all u have got to do is relax when i went for vball tryouts i was so nervous i was shaking when i served. but i learned that all u have to do is relax and you will do great! good luck and remember relax!!

What did male beach volleyball players wear in 1969?

just started today...ahh 6 hours! pretty good..congradulations!

Does anybody have cheers to pump up our volleyball team?

Thats awesome!! I had great tryouts!! I was asked to come to extra summer tryouts so that maybe i could beon JV!! Congrats to you!!

Volleyball setters?

don't know yet

oh and u answered my club question..

im in Wisconsin PoWer volleyball club and we placed at nationals but i forgot wut be go go to the whole website thingy.. lol

I went to my Esperanza's VB Camp?

I made the team. I was so excited...u will do good. I made JV and I am a freshman...but their were quite a bit of older girls trying out...so i knew i wasnt' goin to make Varsity.that is ok though since most of the ppl that made Varsity...they have been playin for atleast 4-5 yrs. I would look like a fool cuz I don't have that many yrs...actually this will be my 4th yr. Well good luck and congrats.

Where do i find volleyball article?

I am very bitter about my high school volleyball times...
I also was asked to try out for varsity when I was a freshman. And I remember everyone in freshman tryouts thinking that I was a varsity player already just helping out, because I would help the girls around me, and give tips and such.
And then guess what?
I didn't make Freshman, JV or Varsity.
And never ended up playing HS volleyball, but went on to play in college.
Makes no sense to me either.

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