Am I slow?

I can only run a mile in 8min and 30sec is that really slow?


I have a easy question on volleyball but you have to either of played the sport or currently be in it now.?

well, if it's volleyball tryouts, i wouldn't worry, your time is fine. it's not slow, but it's not really fast either. when in volleyball are you going to need to run a mile? if you were trying out for cross country or track, then i would worry. but practice makes perfect!

Anyone who knows anything about volleyball?

I think it's fast!.

Does anyone know if there is a volleyball camp or some volley ball program in the summer for a 6th graderto?

i ca run a mile in 1 hour that's fast

Are the Turks better at volleyball than the Greeks?

better than I can do..

What are some good volleyball conditioning tips?

That's really fast actually

What is the rule on blocker violation against a setter?

You are not going to win any gold metals. The real question is is it fast enough for you. When I was in the Air Force, we were required to run a mile in 8 minutes. I suggest that that be your initial goal. As your time improves, I believe you will find that you are also healthier and happier.

Does volleyball really make your butt bigger?

ARE YOU FLIPPIN KIDDING ME? OMG! ya thats fast! my time was 13...something, i was one of the last people soo IM slow..not you!, ok??, lol

What is the circumference of a volleyball?

No, I don't think you're slow. That's faster than I could run any day, for some reason I'm kinda slow. It's really fast to me, and just remember, you'll improve as you practice!

To play on a volleyball team, do you need to know how to serve??

no at all.

Ok im tring out for volleyball, any specail tips?(i know the rules)?

no thats the same exact time i got but i had vball tryouts and we didnt have to run a mile jeez what school do u got to cause that suxs we just did drills then again i am a freshman but nope ur not slow

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