Any pretty good vball players: how many years of experience do most of you guys have?

I was just wondering how long it takes to become pretty good at vball. I mean I've been playing for two years and never touched a vball before then. My coach said I picked the game up pretty fast but I still suck in my opinion at it. I was just wondering how long it takes to get good enough to play like varsity without joining a club team?


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I have been playing volleyball for a long time...

It doesn't necessarily take a certain amount of time to become a good volleyball player. It really depends on how fast you learn things and how good you are at volleyball.

That's great that you picked up the game fast. Some girls and boys do.. some don't.

For the making varsity part.. It really just depends on how good you are, I made varsity as a freshman and never played club ball until later that year. So if you work on your skills and go to camps, you will do fine! :-)

I play volleyball in college now and club ball really helped me. It teaches you about individualism and team work. I would highly suggest joining a club team and going to volleyball camps.

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Played 2 yrs in High School, 4 yrs in College, and now coach full time.

I really picked it up in college, it does take some time to really really get good

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I've played for 3 years... With my team we won the provincial tournament (Quebec) last year... This year we got nineth in the Canadian East Open tournament and I got one 2003-2004 Best Performance trophee, one 2003-2004 Star Player certificate and three nomination certificates (one each year) for Best Performance. All these are in Quebec.

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