Can you serve underhand in junior high volleyball?

I am still devolping an overhand serve but i got a nice underand serve


Spins on serves?

It is legal to serve underhand in every level of volleyball, as long as the ball is out of your hand before you contact it.

I have seen people with such a great underhand serve that was better than some overhand serves.

I say keep working on both. That way, you'll have a variety of serves that you can unleash on your opponents.

I need HELP! Volleyball!!?

I did...i didn't get in trouble at all so i suppose you can. :)

Building a scoreboard?

I always used to, and it was a killer serve too - we would win set after set.

How do i get my avatar to be a girl?

I was allowed to

Why is the sky blue?

I don't see why not... i haven't seen any teams that only play with just overhand serves..

Does big 5 sell volleyball gear?

yeah u can. when i was in my school's freshman team, i served underhand and was one of the best servers in the team.

Volleyball Questions?

sure u can serve underhand as well as over it really all depends on what ur coah wants u to do

Who is better at volleyball boys or girls?

i would assume so but it depends on ur coaches wishes

Does anyone play competitive volleyball out there?

You can Serve Underhand in professional Volleyball if you wanted.\
Question is why would you. You lose a lot serveing underhand, you cant place it as well. Comes off really soft and easy to pass. And you cant get floater action or Topspin so its a worthless serve. Concentrate on your overhand server

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