Can someone please tell me how to do a proper overhand serve in volleyball?

please describe the positions of where my hands, feet, and which direction im facing should be. also please describe a technique to it. just describe it anyway you possible can. thanksss (:


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Lot's of people ask this question. You should find your answers if you search:

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Setting Up the Serve

Stand at about a 45-degree angle to the net, holding the ball in your non-serving hand. Keep your serving hand on it for balance. The foot opposite your serving hand should be slightly forward (the left foot for righthanders). Center your weight on your rear foot.

The Toss

The ideal toss varies in height according to the server's preference. Usually, the ball is just high enough that your hitting arm must extend to contact it. But the location should be the same: directly in front of your hitting shoulder.

Prepare to Launch

As you toss the ball, draw your hitting arm back, keeping your elbow at shoulder level as your hand reaches about your ear. Also, as you toss the ball, step forward with the leading foot (again, if you're a rightie, that's your left foot), shifting your weight to that foot.


While your body weight shifts forward, extend your arm up. Your hip and shoulders should rotate toward the ball, helped on by your step forward. Your arm, now extended, should swing forward to contact the ball. Strike it with the meat of your hand, letting your hand wrap over the ball as you hit it. Don't follow through as far as you do when hitting, but, rather, let your hand freeze in the air after you make contact.


Your body rotation and momentum help create the power behind the serve. Watch an especially hard server, and you'll notice a sort of hip thrust behind the extreme velocity. It's not all about shoulder power. As in all things, mechanics are most important.


This serve takes time to master because it involves several small body changes all happening at once. If you're having a lot of trouble, make sure that your toss is both consistent and in the right area. More good serves are killed by bad tosses than by any other mistake in execution.

Building on the Basics

When you feel good about this serve, try varying the height of the toss, how hard you contact the ball and the spot where you strike it. Try to find your power zone where you can most comfortably serve the ball hardest while still retaining control and your finesse zones where you can best drop in trick serves. Practice your accuracy by serving at targets, and vary the look of your serve by starting at different points along the serving line.

good luck!

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your feet have to out of the court. even your toes. this can be a problem if you like to step into the serve. if you do, remember to stay a litter further back.

when you serve - here are a few things you should do:

just before you serve, lean back slightly. so when you do hit the serve you lean your body through the motion. this will add extra power.

try to toss it so that it's almost direct above the should of your serving arm, at a few inches above your elbow height. you want it in the reach of your hand, not too high or too low, and not too far ahead or behind you. and if you're stepping into the serve, toss the ball to where you WILL be. not where you are now.

and lastly, have a your the fingers of you hand spread out and your fingers firm. so that if you are slightly off on the contact, your fingers will compensate

good luck

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1) toss the ball up
2) strike w/ an OPEN hand
3) make sure the follow through leaves your arm going straight forward( whatever direction your arm follows through in is the direction the ball will go)

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Two important keys to a successful serve are balance and good toss.

Keep yourself in a good balance when serving. In fact when you are doing anything in playing volleyball, balance is very important.

Give yourself one step forward, that is enough for a good serve regardless serving upper-hand.

For serving upper-hand, the toss has to be in front of your hitting hand and with enough height.

Keep the tossed ball half a step in front of you, so you can step out and hit the ball.

Never put the ball above your shoulder, you may injure yourself when doing so.

Happy learning!!

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(Assuming you're a rightie ...)
Start with your right foot forward, holding the ball straight out in front of you with your left arm extended.
Step forward with your left foot, raising the ball up past your face, bringing your right arm back in preparation to hit it. (A common mistake players make here is tossing the ball too far back, so they're arching their back and end up launching the serve way too high. If the toss isn't high enough, you'll drive it straight into the net. So yeah, the toss is crucial and tricky.)
As you plant your left foot, the ball should be in the air above your head, slightly to the right so it lines up with your hitting arm, and your right wrist should be making contact with the ball.

Now, if you want it to float, you'll want to make sure you're hitting the ball squarely on the valve and you'll want to stop your arm's motion immediately after impact.
But it sounds like you're just trying to get the overhand thing for now, so keep it simple and follow through after impact.

Practice this until it becomes one fluid motion for you.

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