Are there any junior olympic volleyball players out there?

im in club volleyball and i am a junior olympic volleyball player.. is there anyone else out there that is in club or a junior olympic volleyball player?


Does anyone play volleyball!Like on a team!?

Yah...I've played on it for two years so far and i'm still going. I played for Sky High. I don't know if you've heard of it but it is a really big club in the northwest in illinios.

I need help i have vball tryouts tommorow and parts of my legs are swollen from the tryout today. Help!?

i`ll become one later in the school year because i didn`t make the volleyball team and i might as well do that :]

Where is the Nike Volleyball camp located?

I am trying to become one

I coach volleyball.My team is very inconsistent. Any advise on how to optimize their playing?

Yeah I am!!
What club were you on? And how did you do at nationals?

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