Any volleyball players out there?

What is ur favorite sport, mine is volleyball-I play on my school's 7th gr. volleyball team.My other two sports tied with Volleyball are,1;basketball, and, 2;baseball. I am a total jock and i've played all of these team sports. My boyfriend loves basketball;he is flippin' amazing on the court.


The biography of william g. morgan?

What a coincidence. Im also in 7th grade and play volleyball, baseball, and basketball! I was the only girl on my baseball team! I pitched my team to the championship title!!! We won! Im actually the HS varsity girls basketball ball girl!

I'm starting volleyball..?

In high school I also played volleyball and softball. I played soccer for eight years before starting high school, but I didn't keep any of the sports up in college and I do miss them.

What is the perpose ofr playing volleyball and how do you play it?



Yeah 4me volley ball is a drug!!i really love this sport.I've played for my country too but now am in pause ive got injured on my knee!!I also love playing football.At my place am the only gurl playing football..And i also play basketball at school with friends and enjoy all of them Very well!

I play volleyball and I need help to do a serve.?

i'M ALL VOLLEYBALL school and club .

Where can buy the volleyball uniforms.?

Right Here a Volleyball Lover


yes, i play center net! im always at the net!! that's the best spot in the whole entire world!! (to me)

Volleyball, why do people assume it is a girl's sport?

I play but I've never played organized... spent my youth playing basketball and baseball... played Rugby as an adult...

In volleyball, how far back is the base ((serving)) line from the net?

Yes! I Love Volleyball!! I also Played Softball since i was 5...but at the start of my 8th grade year i gave that up and played Soccer so Now im a total soccer and volleyball FREAK!

Volley ball help!!?

hey hey hey i ♥ volleyball!!! im in the 9th grade and i just tried out for jv todays the cuts i hope i make it!

Was William G. Morgan,the inventor of volleyball rich or poor?

yes I actually play beach volleyball and I just won a championship
last week

What is this whole switching thing in volleyball?

yes there is i myself love volleyball its so cool what school do u play in how old are u about when did u start playing


I love VOLLEYBALL! That's my all time favorite! I have played soccer for 11 years but didn't play it in highschool because in highschool I play volleyball, basketball, and ran track! I'm a total jock too, I don't know what I would do without sports!

Top 10 national volleyball teams of the world?

me, love volleybal sorry i hateeeeeeeeeeee basketball

How to hit a ball down the line?

Do you play on a club team?

Is taking off a headband during a game a violation?


Is it bad wen people want to go out with you but your too busy?

Volleyball. I played my high school year of 8th,10th, and 11th grade. I love to watch our school's basketball and football teams play, however I have yet to make it to a baseball/softball game or track meet,etc. yet.

Why isn't Christina Hotelling playing volleyball for Nebraska for her senior year?


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