Can you touch the net in outdoor volleyball?


How do you jump higher, like for volleyball?

You are not allowed to touch ANY part of the net, with these exceptions:

1. Incidental contact of the net by a player's hair

2. If a player's hat, visor or glasses fall off during play and then
contacts the net

3. When a ball is driven into the net or the wind blows the net
and causes the net to touch a player, no fault is committed.

Applies for beach as well as grass.

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You are not supposed to.

Volleyball !! what's the rule's and stuff?


What is the format for a five team playoff bracket in junior volleyball?


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If you mean the top of the net, then yes.

I need help with volleyball serves?

Volleyball is based on play that occurs over the net without the players ever touching the net. But in Beach volleyball you are allowed to go under the net as long as it does not mess up the play.

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I think as long as the ball makes it over the net, the game is still on. But I wouldn't know, basketball's my sport..

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the only time you can legally touch the net is when the ball is on the other side and you are playing on the net and the ball goes into the net, forcing the net to hit you.

K, i was trying 2 get on my skoolz varsity volleyball team, but i got on JV, what should i do?

No. Touching the top of the NET is not allowed neither

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What r volley ball court, net dimensions, how to improve jumps in volley ball..?

The ball can, but you cannot.

I love volleyball! Is it stupid to practice every single day at my house after we have already had practice?


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everyone i no (who isn't on the Vball team) or asses and say that you can do almost anything in backyard volleyball which isn't true

i just play it byu regualur REAL volleyball rules but no one listens not even to my coach cause they all suck and are idiots

Do you like volley ??I love volley verry much?

Heck no, I'm way too short!

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