Anyone have any volleyball team building games?

I am a coach of a high school girls volleyball team and I am looking for some team building games for the team. I would like for them to be fun and teach them at the same time.


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OK, well i know my coach liked us to get in a circle and have one person in the middle and that person just hits the ball to the people in the circle and they have to try to keep the ball up and hit it in different ways.(not a good explenation but its pretty easy once you try it). Also we did a jousting drill where a person is on each side of the net, the coach toss the ball up and the two ppl try to hit the ball on two the other persons side. Finnaly you could always just do like two on two or three on three games against each other each game up to two and winner stays on. Im sorry these arent very specific but i hope they help, good luck

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yay! team bonding! fun fun

Our coaches had us work in groups of 3-4 and do puzzles and stuff like that. Su-do-ku's, word searches, unscrambler-thingys. They never had anything to do with volleyball, though. It was also a sort of contest and whatever group finished something first got a prize (little stuff like to put in lockers, old v-ball t-shirts, etc.)

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