Anybody who plays volleyball at a public high school do you know around how much it costs for the whole year?


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Most public schools do not expect thier players to pay much money to be on the team, especially if it is Frosh or JV level. There will probably be a fee to purchase practice shirts ($25) and your shoes will run you from $35-$90 (depends on preference). The only other thing needed are kneepads ($15). This is if your school does not have a booster club that raises money for the program, if your school has such a program then these fees may be less. Also if you have a financial situation that hinders you, talk to the head coach, they are usually very willing to help out.

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it doesnt cost money to play volleyball at skool!

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3 cents and a ball of lint!

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at our school you have to pay the athletic fee ($25) and if you don't have kneepads or shoes you have to get those (cost depends on what brand). We buy warm-ups (I forget how much those are) and t-shirts ($10-$15). Also camp is about $30.

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around 15 or 20 dollars

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On a more serious note. for our school it is about $125, which includes bus fees to each game, referee payments, and uniform.

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At my public high school, here's about how much everything costs;
school wise sport fee-$15-25
equipment wise good kneepads-$15-20
court shoes-$30-60
So the total for playing volleyball at my highschool adds up to anywhere from $65(without camp) to $170.
Hope I helped.........

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