Any fun volleyball-type games?

Question:I know about a regular volleyball game, but do you guys know any volleyball related games, for example.. throwing the volleyball on the roof, and bumping and setting it back..

any other v-ball games?
maybe 2-player v-ball?


I love vball, i was wondering what the best advice for setting (forward and backward) is...?

the tipping game
you kind of need a net
but its really fun
there are however many people on each side and its like a game but its only half court and you cant hit you can only tip.

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its called "wallyball" and its played in a raquetball court. four players a side, the walls are in except for the back walls. Lots of fun!! Heads up, it comes from anywhere and everywhere.

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i forget the name but anyway there are 2 teams and the first person on each team serves the ball.
where evr the ball lands they go to and lay down. then its free serving to try to hit your teammate.
if u hit them u go and lay down on that side of the ney but u have to be right nexts to the person.
the first team that has all there players on the oppiosite side wins.
(suggesion worst server first)

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well you could play pepper... pas set spike... over and over again trying to keep it up... my team we have a small team of 9 players so we do this one thing called tarraginum where you have a setter in the middle and 2 hitters on each side and the rest of us have to position ourselves where the hit is going to be either downline or cross it just gets us talking and to know our positions... we do under the net volleyball 3 on 3 or 2 on 2... where you just pund the ball on the floor across the gym floor you can block the ball by laying down and you serve by rolling the ball or like i guess the best way you can explain it is soccer with your hands and only 3 hits and so on... umm there was someone else that said walleyball thats a good one but you can do that on a normal wall... or just practice hitting on a wall together and try to keep it going or keep away whatever you perfer. umm you can serve to each other... 2 man defense where there is one person hitting at u and have to do 10 touches or whatever you want to do... you can have one person setting the ball and the other person hitting a ball... ok thats all i got i think hope this helped a bit

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my brother and i play this game we call Wall Volleybal.

1.Basically you go up against a wall thats high enough to accept your strong high spikes while your partner covers the bounce (as if your hit was blocked) mark you net on the wall

3.then you also mark the grounds that you will be playing (basically your court) win points if your spike bounces out of bounds from your court.

5. more players are better since you can spike harder on the wall because of more people who are going to cover you


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