Can anyone tell me the rules and regulations of volleyball?

need to know how many people ina team, the positions and what each person does AND the scoring.


How can I improve my overhand serve?

there can be a minimum of six and a maximum of 12, the postions are 1 server, 2 front setter, 3 middle blocker, 4 outside hitter, 5 back setter, 6 back middle, you start at zero and go to 25 with a cap of 30

How to do a 'Jump Float Serve' in Volleyball?

There are six people on the court at one time. There is usually a middle, outside, and rightside hitter in the front row. The middle hits in the middle of the front, the outside hits on the leftside of the front, and the rightside hits on the right. You score by having the ball drop on the other team's court. The scoring goes by one's.

Help with overhand serving??

The key to the game in volleyball is bump set spike, which you've probably heard.

The ball is served over from the other team.
serving is done by standing with all of your weight on your right foot or left foot, throwing the ball about 3 feet above you, and stepping into the ball as you hit it with your outstretched palm.

One of the six players on your side will bump the ball to setter (that is in the front row)
Bumping is done by clasping your hands in front of you and locking your elbows. Bend your knees as you make contact and you will have better control.

The next step is for the setter to "set" the ball. The setter is the designated player to touch the second ball. The ball can only be touched three times while it is on your side. The first should be a good pass to target, the second should be a set, almost ALWAYS done by the setter, and the third touch should ideally be a spike to the other side.

Setting is done by holding your arms outstretched above you like you are holding an invisible ball. make sure your thumbs are pointed at your eyes. Let the ball slide into your hands for no less than a second, and release the ball high into the air in front of the hitter you set to.

Next, the spike. The set should be done well so that the ball is high and close to the net, allowing the spiker to hit as hard and as accurate as possible.
Spiking is done by taking a large step with your left foot, then hopping onto your two feet in the order right then left, jumping into the air as high as possible, and hitting the ball with an outstretched palm to the other side of the court. Your left arm should be out in front of you, with your right arm cocked back with the back of your palm by your ears, then BAM!

the other side will attempt to do the same thing, and you repeat over and over until somebody makes a mistake, either hitting it out, touching the net, going under the net, or hitting the ball four times.

I had ankle surgery last month from volleyball?

it would take me forever to explain it to go to this website and it should give you all the information you need

What is volley ball?

What are some good practice drills for upcoming volleyball tryouts?

6 people on court


this is how a game goes.person serves over or under hand then the other team can touch 3 time but not the smae person cant touch twice t come 2 ur side sooooooo liberi pases setter sets and hitter hits

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