I am looking for GUYS who are interested in playing volleyball and who currently don't have a place to play. If you ARE that guy or if you KNOW someone like that, please reply, I need your e-mail.


What are the adavantages of push-ups/working out?

try looking in

sorry volleygirl, but you can't burn something that is already flaming...

Can anyone teach me how to serve the volley ball and make it go over the net??

oooh the guy above me totally burned you. wow that suxx for you.

and no i don't know of any volleyball playing guys in new england.

I am on a junior olympic volleyball team & we need some awesome cheers & chants 2 get us pumped up?

here's a starting point for you

USA Volleyball New England region


my name is cecilia i was 34 so, i like play volleyball if you have a team i like can play with us ( i'm not professional but i liked it).


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