What wiegth training to you suggest to make my jump higher?


Should I even bother?

I have a problem with my jump highth too. There's this website I found...

It has a lot of good excersises and drills to use.

How can i find Andile Manxaile's web address pls?


What skills are necessary to compete in volleyball?

Squats, no doubt.

Does anyone play high school volleyball?


Can someone please tell me how to do a proper overhand serve in volleyball?

Squats and plyometrics.

Stanford or Nebraska??


Do you know angelie suya?

Squats are a good full body workout. They keep stabilizer muscles working along with the quads and lower back. Calf raises will also do it.

Is anyone a volleyball referee?does u find it difficult ?(i was also but quitted)?

Put your toes on the edge of a step, and press up and down. Strengthens the calves. Don't forget to stretch them before and after to avoid cramps.

How do you jump higher?

squats, leg presses, leg curls

Freshman over Sophomore on the court? what?

Leg Presses
Calf Raises

Basically any leg workout. Do very few reps just use as much weight as you can. I prefer myself 3 sets of 10 with the max amount of weight you can lift. By the time you reach 8 should be getting pretty difficult and they last few are always the money makers when weight lifting.

What kind of volleyball was "Wilson" from Castaway? I know it's a AVP Wilson brand, need production year.

Jumping as high as you can is ballistic movement. You need to train using these explosive movements as well. Regular squats won't get you there. You need to do jump squats or burpees. And for motivation, measure your increased performance i.e. jump height. Try jump squats with light weights (ankle/wrist, or dumbells).

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