Best shoe for my purpose?


Im currently a sophomore in highschool and play plenty of sports. Currently im looking for some running/ vball shoes. i understand asics are really good at this. But i really dont like their design. they look so I was wondering, if i should go for the Nike Air Max 360, I heard they are very light. But I just want to get a good opinion


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I've been playing volleyball for 14 years and I always try to play competitive indoor volleyball with volleyball specific shoes. I've tried most brands. Asics and Mizuno usually have more traditional styling so they're definitely not as cool. Adidas and Nike make volleyball shoes, and you should check them out.

I personally don't like running shoes for volleyball because they are made for stability when you are moving forward. However, in volleyball, you do a lot of quick lateral movements and sudden stops. You also jump and land a lot. Running shoes don't consider this for their design. So, I've always found that running shoes make me feel unstable, which decreases my performance, but also makes me worry about twisting my ankles.

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well i am also a sportsman i play basketball and i have played interuniversity in basketball i am doing master in physical education and after reading your question i suggest that asics r best in the business (volleyball) but u dont want to go for asics then why dont u try mizuno (Wave Tornado Mens) man u will really like this shoes believe me many of my frds who r volleyball player wear them !
according to me third best is adidas(ClimaCool Volleyball)
so choice r :-
1: asics

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nikes or adidas

Does anyone know where i can get little spandex shorts? The short ones for volleyball??


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